Tall Tree and the Eye

Royal Academy of Arts Royal Academy of Arts

I went to see Anish Kapoor’s newest art piece ‘Tall Tree and the Eye’ at the Royal Academy of Arts’ Annenberg courtyard.

The sculpture is part of the ongoing Anish Kapoor exhibition at the Royal Academy which ends on December 11th (He’s the first living artist to take over the Royal Academy!).

Tall Tree and the Eye Shiny Bubbles

I’m a huge fan of Anish Kapoor for his often oversized, shiny/colourful and mysterious public sculptures.

Marsyas was one of the most fascinating installations ever, and I’ve always wanted to see the Cloud Gate and Sky Mirror.

Burlington House

Anish Kapoor Tall Tree and the Eye

The “Tall Tree and the Eye” sculpture is a reflective tree-like arrangement of shiny spheres towering high up to about 50 feet – as high as the buildings enclosing the yard.

It looks like bubbles going up to the sky, or a tree of shiny Christmas ornaments.

It’s huge! It’s made of stainless steel and carbon steel.

I’m glad I got this opportunity to see this magnificent piece in person.

With Bubbles Pink

Bubbles Burlington House

This was also my first time at Burlington House, a massive Palladian mansion on Piccadilly that houses the Royal Academy and five learned societies.

Sir Reynolds Anish Kapoor

It was once a grand private house.

The main building has statues (probably of artists) mounted on the upper ledge of the building.

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