I Wanna Do Bad Things With You

I missed the second series finale of True Blood.

My DVR got too full while I was away on vacation so it got deleted for newer shows.

I still haven’t watched it.

True Blood Ad

I saw this ad while waiting for the tube at Bank Station, and thought… cool True Blood is on FX here in the UK (I didn’t even know there was an FX UK).

I took a second look at the poster and noticed… ‘That’s not Sookie!’ that’s some random tall blond woman.

And who’s that behind her? Is that supposed to be a vampire? That’s not Vampire Bill, looks more like a zombie.

I wonder who it was that came up with that idea for the poster, wouldn’t be easier to just get a poster with the real characters?

In other True Blood news, I love, love, love the show’s opening credits.

The song in the credits, Bad Things is by Jace Everett, it’s become one of my favourite songs.

Take a look…

Cool eh?

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