Camden Market

Camden Town

I bet if I took one of those internet quizzes regarding what London neighbourhood to live in,I’d get Camden Town.

Camden Town

I spent an afternoon at Camden Town wandering the markets.

I’ve heard a lot of people (and sites and blogs) describe Camden Town as alternative and edgy and whatnot,

maybe I went on the wrong day because I thought it was just perfectly awesome!

Store Front Sale

The markets were a lot larger than I’d anticipated,

it soon became apparent that I couldn’t see everything, or go through every stall.

I don’t think we even did a quarter.

Store Front Camden Town

Regent's Canal

We started out walking the stalls leisurely, we soon realised that there were so many things to see we had to be a little discerning.

Judging by the amazing number of merchants in every corner (great use of space by the way)

I’m sure you’d find everything you’ve ever wanted here if you looked hard enough.

Coffee Horse Tunnel Market

Security Camden Market

We began at the Inverness Street Market, a small outdoor market with mostly clothes, jewellery and other accessories.

Across the street is the Buck Street Market (‘The Camden Market’), we spent about half an hour here, and got a couple of knick knacks.

There were a couple of stalls selling the exact same thing… which was a little confusing.

Next was the Camden Lock Village, an airy open market along the canal, the shops here are bright and colourful and very lively.

It’s my second favourite.

Laughs Statue

We then tackled the Stables Market, It’s huge and amazing!

The shops and stalls are built into and around the old architecture which is pretty cool.

This is where we spent most of the time, we browsed and browsed and there was still much to see.

We went into a Turkish shop to look for Nazar (Evil eye) bracelet, we spent a few minutes talking to the shop owner and then he gave it to us for free.

I was so stunned (I couldn’t remember the last time I’d gotten anything for free at the store without gimmicks)

I insisted on buying something else, so I got a pair of Turkish copper earrings.

Floating Restaurant

Canal Towpath Boats on the Canal

Heading back, we walked along Regent’s Canal.

What a great sight! It’s so serene and beautiful.

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