Regent’s Park

Spending time at the park is one of my favourite ways to de-stress

I like nice clean parks – I find them relaxing, refreshing and energizing, plus it’s free (unlike shopping, my other favourite de-stressing activity).

Regent's Park Regent's Park

I’d never been to Regent’s Park so I felt it was time to remedy that.

We went on a sunny afternoon close to the end of our first week in London.

Avenue Gardens Fountain

Regent’s Park is by far my favourite park of all the Royal Parks (I’ve visited).

It’s beautiful, green, glorious, luscious and stunning.

With Camera, ready to explore

I’m not really a sit-at-the-park kind of person, I like to walk the park and explore…

which is why I love huge beautiful expansive and discoverable parks.

Winged Beast Drinking Fountain - Regent's Park


I love parks with fountains, streams, variety of gardens, sports fields etc.

And birds, I really like parks with birds.

Statues, memorials and interactive panels.

Regent’s Park has it all; in a serene romantic setting reminiscent of old English stories of how gentle-people spent their afternoons

The Milkmaid - Regent's Park

Regent's Park Pink Parambulator

Cumberland Terrace Play structure

I love seeing families whiling the afternoon away.

I envied the runners, I bet they never get bored, the park manages to make the tedious task of exercise seem exquisite.

It’s a peaceful sanctuary from the city; there were children running around,

couples on blankets having lunch surrounded by colourful roses, friends talking over a bottle of wine,

groups of tourists taking it all in and old men and woman going for walks.

Resting Runners Pearlsa @ Regent's Park

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