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I’ve been home for a little over a week now. I sat at my little corner at work today and looked out to the water and mountains, reminiscing about my trip – I used to be grateful for the view. It’s beginning to feel like I never left and that saddens me, but just a little.

They say a good vacation is one you wish would never end.

I’ve been a little busy catching up at work. I’ve also been slowly putting up my vacation pictures on flickr, which is taking quite a bit of my time – I hardly do anything else in the evenings.

I just have so much to share; it’s a little overwhelming, I’m not even sure where to start from.

I guess I could start at the beginning.


We got to the airport quite early for our flight out, I like abiding by the “arrive two hours before flight time” rule because it makes for a nice and relaxed journey, it’s ample to check-in, get through security and browse the duty free shops. Our check-in line was fairly long but thankfully fast moving, we breezed through security without problems; even with P’s insulin pump. We were through with about an hour to spare to boarding.

I love YVR, too bad I only get to go there when I’m travelling, which hasn’t been much this past year.

YVR has such a serene and peaceful environment that I’m always relaxed for my flight.

YVR Aquarium 4 Fish


I browsed the duty shops and visited with the fish, just when I thought about grabbing a quick lunch, our flight was called.

Thomas Cook

We boarded, went through the niceties and moments later we were in flight, buckled in for a ten hour journey and yet happy because we were London bound!

London bound Aldeasa - YVR

Thomas Cook London bound

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  • Reply SL

    Look forward to the next segment of your trip! =)

    8 October, 2009 at 2:16 am
  • Reply SL

    Look forward to the next segment of your trip! =)

    8 October, 2009 at 6:16 am
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