5. The 9 O’clock Gun (Things I’d Miss About Vancouver If I Moved Away)

I’m currently on vacation in Europe and this month also marks my seventh year in Vancouver. To celebrate, I’m highlighting a few things I’d miss about Vancouver if I moved away:

9 O'Clock Gun

The 9 O’clock Gun like the O Canada Horn is another unique Vancouver soundmark.

It’s a 12-pound muzzle-loaded naval cannon gun that fires every day at 9 O’clock. It sits enclosed in a little structure along the Seawall in Stanley Park.

On clear quiet days I can hear the gun from home, but only if I listen for it. I’ve been close to the gun a few times when it’s gone off – it’s rather loud and a tad scary if you aren’t expecting the loud boom.

There are also spectacular views of downtown from that area.

9 O'Clock Gun

Nine O'clock

Nine O'clock GUN

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