3. The Grouse Grind (Things I’d Miss About Vancouver If I Moved Away)

I’m currently on vacation in Europe and this month also marks my seventh year in Vancouver. To celebrate, I’m highlighting a few things I’d miss about Vancouver if I moved away:

I didn’t do the Grouse Grind this summer, I meant to but laziness got the best of me.

I’ve blogged about Grouse Grind several times before; it’s not surprising that it’s on my list of fifteen things I’d miss if I moved away.

The Grouse Grind has been referred to as ‘Mother Nature’s Stairmaster’, because it’s a hard relentless ascent! I like to call it the place where-you-take-visitors-you-hope-will-never-visit-again.
Everyone’s first experience with the Grind is different; I’ve retold my first, almost disastrous experience before.

The Grind is an exceptionally steep and rugged two mile hiking trail. It’s usually closed through the winter months.

Men and women of the lower mainland have for years used it to test, prove and solidify their athletic prowess.

I love the Grouse Grind, I always start my summer intent on hiking it several times but that usually never pans out. It’s a great all around work out, it doesn’t take that much time to complete even though it’s hard.

There’s a great feeling of accomplishment when you manage to finish it – you hardly ever get that elsewhere.

I used it as an endurance training for my first half marathon and it helped quite tremendously.

As if finishing a difficult hike isn’t reward enough, the amazing views from the top of the mountain is like an extra bonus reward!

Once on top of Grouse Mountain, there are lots to see and do, and a nice ride back down on the gondola.

Grouse Grind: Close to the end of the trail

The trail ends at the rocks, it’s always a welcome sight.


This is me from Sept 2004 after I’d finished the gruelling hike.


A section of the trail.

Down from the gondola

View of down the mountain from the gondola

Grouse Mountain

Viewing area at the lodge

Grouse Mountain

Folks milling in.

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