2. Stanley Park (Things I’d Miss About Vancouver If I Moved Away)

I’m currently on vacation in Europe and this month also marks my seventh year in Vancouver. To celebrate, I’m highlighting a few things I’d miss about Vancouver if I moved away:

I’ll miss Stanley Park the most of I ever moved away!


I think every city should have a ‘Stanley Park’, not necessarily a park/forest in the middle of the city, but a welcoming sanctuary away from a bustling metropolis.

Vancouver would not be the same without Stanley Park, it’s part of the city’s charm.

The first time I explored Stanley Park and walked the Seawall, I knew I’d found something special. I moved closer to the park and have never looked back.

I’ve probably spent more time in Stanley Park than any other place in the city; I’ve probably walked/ran the Seawall a million times. Stanley Park is huge, and seven years later I’m still discovering it.

Lighthouse & Seawall

My favourite activity is to run the Seawall, which has literally saved my life. It has helped me think, de-stress and keep healthy; I’ve also met some wonderful people on the way.

Looking down

Walking up to Prospect Point is another favourite of mine; I meander through the cool Avison Trail and come out by the bridge.

City from Lost Lagoon

I spend a lot of time exploring Lost Lagoon in the summer and taking in views of the city.

English Bay on Sunday Afternoon


I’ve spent countless hours at the beach.


Parent & Child


Wildlife at the Park

North Van & Parts of Seawall

Ship, Sea & Land


The sea that straddles the park.

Man & Baby

New couple on the Seawall


And the people!

Stanley Park is basically my gym, my therapy and my getaway. I doubt that I’ll find that anywhere else.

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