The Seniors’ Dinner

My mom is a member of the West End Seniors Network, an organization that provides social, educational and recreational programs to seniors in the West End.

Remember when I said I wasn’t sure what my mom does with her time? Well, she spends a lot of time at Barclay Manor where the seniors’ centre is located.

Last year she took an Excel class, so she helps Paul with the books these days.

On Wednesdays she goes to her conversational English class and sometimes she meets a group of ladies for a game of cribbage.

I hope I like cribbage too when I’m old and (re)tired because it looks like I may be playing a lot of that.


Last Wednesday the West End Seniors’ Network had their 30th anniversary dinner and dance and my mom attended.

She was very excited to go, she got her tickets about a month early and couldn’t decide what to wear.

Mom Mom

She wouldn’t stay still enough for a decent picture.

Sadly I wasn’t at the event to document the fun, but she had a great time.

Mom Mom

She may have also met the man who’s going to be my new daddy.

They waltzed, which is a bit disappointing because we’d been practising the Charleston ever since that Mad Men episode.

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