An Afternoon in Steveston

An alternative title for this post is “The afternoon I wore my blouse inside out”


Seafood Fest Festival

We were in historic Steveston Village for the Wild BC Seafood Fest a couple of weekends ago.

An afternoon at Steveston

I wore my blouse inside out the whole day and didn’t notice it until later on in the evening when I was out at the mall shopping. Actually, I think the blouse looks better inside out.

Steveston is one of my few go-to destinations for when I want to feel like a tourist in my own city. It’s a charming fishing community in Richmond with a lot to see, do and eat.

There’s a fishermen’s wharf, fresh fish is sold from docked fishing boats. I purposefully discouraged my mom from coming with us because I imagined she’s get overly excited and would want us to bring fresh fish home.


Artisan Bakery @ Steveston

I like that there’s ample parking in Steveston, there are quaint and unique stores on Moncton Street, restaurants, trails and historic sites about the fishing and cannery by the Japanese, Europeans and other settlers in the village.


An afternoon at Steveston An afternoon at Steveston


BC Sardine Fest

An afternoon at Steveston Steveston Hotel

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