Queen Elizabeth Park

I feel guilty sometimes that I don’t spend enough time with my mom. We’ve settled into a comfortable routine of going about with our lives that we don’t necessarily spend time together.

I try to remedy this occasionally by going places or doing things with her that I think she might enjoy.

It’s been hits and misses. My mom always seems to have something going on although I’m not exactly sure what she does with her time.



A couple of Saturdays ago we spent the afternoon at Queen Elizabeth Park. This was my first time at the park too so it was quite exciting.


The Park is located at the highest spot in the city, has amazing views of the downtown from the plaza and it’s one of the most beautiful gardens I’ve ever seen. It’s the second most visited park in the city, I can’t believe it took me almost seven years to go.

It has beautifully laid out picturesque quarry (think sunken) gardens and arboretum. The plaza has fountains and beautiful sculptures. It’s not surprising that many people choose to have their wedding or take their wedding pictures at the park.

There were literally dozens of wedding parties in the park the day we visited, made our time even more festive.

This was definitely a hit with my mom, she loved it!

Pink Bride Newly Weds Walking

Fountain The Bride

Some beautiful and fun brides.

Leaves Purples


Pink Red

Red Red Leaves

Some beautiful and fun flowers.

Bluest feathers

Charlie Two parrots

Birds at the Conservatory

Queen E Park

The Bloedel Floral Conservatory was our final stop.


I’m glad I was able to take my mom someplace where she had no complaints or reservations.

She looked around pleased with all she saw and announced gladly, “It’s so lovely here; you really should have your wedding here”

I replied “Mama, I’m not having a wedding”

She gestures toward the older Russian bride in the black gown and says “That’s what she said”.

That made me laugh.

More photos from the flickr set

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