Curious Product: Galbusera ZeroGrano Cracker

So I’ve probably mentioned it before (only about a hundred times!) that get most of my pantry staples from the Italian store. I’ve developed amazing skills at reading product labels in Italian, maybe a trip to Italy is due?

Gluten Free Crackers

I buy these gluten free crackers regularly; it’s become quite the staple.

According to the Celiac Association of Canada 1 in 133 people have celiac disease and only a very small percentage of Celiacs have been officially diagnosed.

I don’t think I have celiac disease although I’ve never been tested. I also know people who’ve noticed tremendous health improvements after eliminating gluten products from their diets, also many doctors recommend gluten free diets for children with autism.


But those aren’t the reasons why I love these crackers. I actually picked them up by mistake while reaching for their wheat counterpart. I saw ‘Senza Glutine’ on the package and decided to give them a try since I’ve sometimes toyed with the idea of going gluten-free.

Galbusera Crackers

The crackers are made with maize, rice and potato starch. These are super flaky and taste lighter than regular crackers. It’s quite different and delicious, the corn and the rice gives it a nice crunchy light flavour that goes well with everything. It’s a cross between chips and crackers. They’re pretty delicate though, they break very easily.

It doesn’t have the weird after taste that wheat crackers normally do. They’re so addictive I start snacking on them right out of the store, good thing there’re fourteen in a pack. I sometimes have to hide them from myself. There are four crackers in individually wrapped portion sizes. It’s quite handy for lunch packs and snacks.

Gluten Free Crackers - Back

Galbusera is an Italian manufacturer of healthy bakery products. Their products are made in Cosio Valtellino in the Lombardy region.

From what I’ve gleaned, products from the “ZeroGrano” line are all gluten-free. I haven’t tried the other products from that line. The ‘Frollino’ (shortbread) looks delicious, maybe I’ll try those next.

The company also has a No-added-sugar and a cholesterol-free line.

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