Flower Power

I haven’t touched my camera in a whole week!

Actually, that’s not true, I’ve touched it; I just haven’t taken any pictures with it.

It’s not that I’ve been preoccupied with some other activity or anything; I just haven’t been out much lately.

I still have over a thousand pictures waiting to be uploaded on to flickr.

And I’m still putting my spectacular Pride pictures together. Meanwhile…


I went back to review pictures from my flower set, to try and get motivated again to get out there.

I think everyone goes through the ‘flower’ phase when they get their first DSLR,

Mute Swan

and then probably the ‘birds’ phase – I just don’t have the patience to shoot birds yet, unless you count swans and ducks.

I’ve shot quite the variety of flowers, most of which I couldn’t even name…


Foxgloves remind me of tiny bells, soundless pretty purple bells.

A Rose is still a rose

I love this rose because it’s imperfect, not unlike human beings; it’s flawed and beautiful.

Purple in living room

It’s a pity they don’t last forever, at least we have pictures to remember them by long when they’re gone… wilted and dead.


This is one of my favourite pictures because it’s full of promise and potential, reminds me of new beginnings.


Dahlias are the most exquisite of them all!

With Pink Dots

How perfect are these tiny petals with pink buds?

Pink Rose

A pink rose.

Purples fade

Purples fade!


Looks and feels like soft fluffy wool, kind of like this post.


I’ve been fascinated by bird feeders lately, I guess because they look like perfect little houses.

Tomorrow, I’ll go out and take a picture of something beautiful.

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  • Reply funeral flowers

    I need to go far away from my place to shoot a lovely flower like you did, but I guess that I’ll be needing to save up some money to make it happen. So for now, my focus is with a people and street view which is less colorful.

    10 October, 2010 at 7:49 am
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