Going to London

The flight is booked and I’m all set to spend two weeks in London come September.

I hope this trip is a much nicer experience than the last one.

Houses of Parliament

As exciting as my last trip to London was, there are some parts I do not wish to recur.

My last trip was wrought with emotional turmoil and drama, what was supposed to be a peaceful holiday of relaxation, sightseeing and catching up with old friends and family turned out to be all that, with a side of unrelenting badgering.

I hinted on it a little before I left, I just didn’t know how crazy and bizarre it was going to get.

I cried the first night I got there, ironic because the last time I cried that much too was in London.

I stayed up all night the day I arrived, talked, cried and did what you wouldn’t necessarily want to do on vacation.

Royal Albert Hall

I spent another whole day riding in the back of a van with a preacher (this isn’t some sort of euphemism, there really was a van and I was in it). We drove to places like B&Q (think Home Depot) and Topps Tiles buying home improvement stuff, he was renovating his house.

In between he’d tell me God’s purpose for my life, and issue thinly veiled threats about how God will withhold his blessings if I don’t go to see my father. Somehow I doubt ‘God’ cares about any of this.

London Sep 2007

When I wasn’t being harassed by people on the ground, I was on the phone to some relative or another being harassed.

On the Sunday morning I agreed to go to church, we had a long pre-church talk that ended in tears. There were days I almost checked into a hotel or some such.

The incidents were so frequent and petty I feel like a little bitch recounting them.

The British Museum - Youth on a horse

I blame myself for how things went down – which is why I say “this time around, no more tears” (anyone remember that song?).

I’m not going allow myself to be put in that position.

Canary Wharf - bridge

I have a nice long itinerary that doesn’t include being around people who wouldn’t let me be.

I want to maybe spend a day in Paris, visit a British outlet centre and find all the hidden gems I’ve been reading about and saving for the past two years.

Albert Memorial

I want to take tons of beautiful pictures and beautiful memories to go with them!

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