The 3GS – A Pictorial Tale


He knew he was going to get one even back when it was just a rumour, he was over the moon the day it was officially announced.

Old Phone

He didn’t mind that his current phone was just under a year old.

That’s the kind of fanboy he is – recently when I was excited about my new 50mm camera lens, he looked on with mild interest and said wryly “Yeah well, I guess I could be that excited too… if you slapped an Apple logo on it ”


He claims Apple changed his life, there’s a long story (I’ll spare you the details) about his final year in high school in a small farming town in northern California.

Phone & Box

He ordered it the minute it became available.

The wait seemed the longest; he checked the mailbox daily, which soon became an obsession after a week.

Paul sulks

He called several times, left notes for the mail man and generally sulked. It eventually arrived and we were all grateful.


It arrived unceremoniously one day, a small black box in a large brown one – carrying hopes of ease and efficiency.


He opened it,

New Meet Old

It looked exactly the same as the one he had before,

Turn it on

but to him, this was so much more – this is going to make his life so much easier than the last one.


Makes and receives all right out of the box.



Paired it with his Bang & Olufsen EarSet 2

Transfer From OldSync with Old

Paul & Coffee

Then it was time to transfer all data from the old phone to the new shiny one.

Dude has over a million songs and apps so it took a while.


Good thing it has 32gb of space.

Not one

While waiting for the files to transfer, I deliberated slapping the logo (over the Rogers logo) on my phone – but decided I don’t hate the Rogers logo that much!


And this is his “I’m quite pleased with myself” pose.


All set up and ready to go! And that was the last we saw of him.

If you see him, he’s not hard to miss; he’s the guy with his face buried in his iphone – tell him his family said hello.

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