Photowalk: Coal Harbour by the Seawall

I love walking and I love taking pictures!

Coal Harbour

I walk a lot, I can’t say enough how therapeutic walking has been for me or how much it’s enriched my life.

I’m not kidding; most of the great ideas I’ve had, came to me while walking. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a free and healthy activity.

At Coal Harbour

I’ve probably walked the Seawall a million times, it’s close, accessible and practically my backyard.

Sometimes, I have no choice but to walk it to get to my intended destination.

There are several points from the West End to join Seawall but I normally start from the north in Coal Harbour if it’s a “real walk”.

I’ve managed to collect quite a few pictures of Coal Harbour and I just thought I share them in this post.

Hope you like them.

Red Top

InoriParkJervis StreetLight Shed - Coal Harbour

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