Eat! Vancouver 09

Eat! Vancouver, the food festival, took place this past weekend at BC Place. I went with my mom and sister on Friday night.

Eat!Vancouver is an annual event that I’ve been attending for the past four years, and even though I didn’t particularly enjoy last year’s, my mom insisted we go because she had fun at last year’s. Friday was the opening day and we got there with about only three hours to spare.

Chef Anthony Sedlak

Chef Anthony Sedlak from Food Network Canada’s The Main was on the cooking stage.

There were some new and interesting vendors this year.

Rabbit River Farms Naturally colourful eggs

Organic Eggs

Rabbit River Farms in Richmond, BC produces organic, free range and free run eggs and chickens. They also raise special breed chickens that lay naturally colourful eggs, I learnt about the Araucana Chicken that lays the bluish/green eggs.


Olive Oils

These women managed to turn their passion for olive oil into an aptly named business called Olea Europaea. The company sells ten premium olive oils sourced from all over the Mediterranean.


Bosa Foods

I actually discovered Bosa Foods at the very first Eat!Vancouver I attended, and it’s become one of my main places to shop, I go to the Kootney Street store at least twice a month to stock up on pantry items like pasta, beans, Italian sodas etc.


Eating ladies

These beautiful ladies gracefully posed for this picture after asking if it was going “somewhere on the internet” That’s the food Chef Anthony prepared and they both agreed it was very good.


More pictures from Flickr below:

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