The BC Chronicles: Chemo Daycare I

view from the 6th flr

We had our first dreary weather today.

We left the house at 9:00AM this morning armed with our anti nausea medications and sombre expressions.

Our appointment was 9:30AM, “The Agency” as they like to refer to themselves is less than 15mins away so we were early (Isn’t it ironic that a cancer agency doesn’t want to associate itself too much with the word?).
The sixth floor is where the aptly named Chemo Daycare is, we checked in with the overly peppy receptionist and waited. The large waiting room felt empty with two older gentlemen sitting at opposite ends. We sat in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes; I took a few pictures, then discovered the communal knitting basket.

Squares for blanket

Our nurse Debbie was a nice young patient woman who’s been a chemo nurse for almost a decade.

She went over the process with us once more, after the first dose of the anti-nausea medication we were ready to begin… we were a little tense but it was pretty anti-climatic thereafter.

First to go in was the Doxorubicin, two red liquid vials that took about fifteen minutes to be administered, then came the Cyclophosphamide which lasted another thirty minutes.

Mom - Chemo

So it’s one down and seven more to go, except Debbie says to look at it more as taking it one day at a time.

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