My Eee

This weekend I got myself an early Christmas present.

The Asus Eee PC.

I walked through snow and sleet to get it; that’s how much I wanted one.

They had a few still stocked at my local A&B Sound for $399.99 CND, for once we’re getting the same price as the Americans.

It’s just like your laptop except runs it Linux (it can run XP too), it’s seven inches and weighs 0.92kg.

I’ll do a proper review in the next couple of weeks, right now I’m very much in love with it but I’ve used it for about a total of two hours.

It’s perfect the way it is but if I were to make changes, I’ll come preloaded with a blog editor and there’ll be a way to sync it with my HTC Prophet (right out of the box), and maybe have Bluetooth.


Eee PC

The box it comes in

Eee PC


Eee PC - Box contents

Compared to my laptop

Eee PC

The 7″ screen
Eee PC

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