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July 2007

  • The best place on earth

    best place on earth There’s no arguing that British Columbia is by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever lived. It’s such a magnificent place; I’m always in awe of its splendour.

    I’m always trying to get people to visit and probably go on a bit much about its awesomeness.

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  • Family Drama

    This post contains very personal and wacky human behaviour. It’s not intended for everyone.

    Watching John from Cincinnati this morning, I imagined my family drama would be on HBO if it were to play out on the small screen; because that’s where all dysfunctional families live.

    For years I was … Continue Reading...

  • Conquering Mountains

    I’ve been climbing mountains lately.

    Grouse Grind entrance Well… what I’ve been doing is the Grouse Grind, which technically is climbing a mountain.

    I’ve gone from not having hiked it in years to doing it every weekend for the past month.

    I once said the half marathon wasn’t the most physically challenging … Continue Reading...

  • Truth

    This long and labourious life of mine is full of constant discoveries.

    “The truth” is relative; it doesn’t necessarily have to be factual; as long as you’re resolute in your conviction.

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