How I spent my Easter Holiday

I’ve been doing some of out of the ordinary things lately.

I’m back at work after a short hiatus and it feels different – as if I’ve been gone for months.

It was another trip down south this weekend. My regular trips to Seattle aren’t just because of my love of The Emerald City; there’s a bit of economics involved as it’s the most inexpensive destination in my vicinity.

It’s a cheaper alternative to Vancouver Island or the Okanagan Valley.

I should have added my time to the equation this trip; I sat in traffic most of the time!

I spent another two excruciating hours waiting at the border to get back into Canada.

The motel hotel we slept was sketchy at best; don’t let their website fool you.

Our key cards wouldn’t work TWICE, the staff was blasé, and security doesn’t seem to be a big concern for them.

We spent two nights and that was plenty enough, the lesson learnt…“Trip Advisor is my friend”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, we spent Friday (in traffic) looking for a “Ghanaian store” that turned out be a garage in some out of the way area in Seattle – I’m still amazed we were able to find it.

But it wasn’t all bad experiences; some soul altering moments developed from the trip.

Next month I’m going to Victoria.

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