Life reconciled

I read this article that suggests that at a certain point we resolve ourselves to our lives and let go of our dreams.

I don’t’ believe we do this all at once, I think we let go slowly until we’re left with what we’ve become. I wonder how you then live with yourself then, how do you get to that height of contentment if you haven’t tried from the very beginning?

I was pondering misfortunes and luck this morning, I concluded that even though I don’t know what misfortunes are headed my way, I’m pretty sure I’ll handle them fairly well. It’s luck that I have a hard time getting a grip on.

I was reading Janey’s fascinating visit to a soothsayer and realized it’s a part of my culture that I was never allowed to explore.

How can I attain that highest level of spiritual enlightenment and satisfaction when I’m supposed to deny and be so closed minded about my heritage?

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