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Hotties of Pride

So basically I took too many pictures at Pride, 383 to be exact.
I edited them down to 174, it’s still a lot but manageable.
I can’t post them all at once, and you probably don’t want to see them all.
I culled ten from the lot, I call this set ‘hotties of the parade’.

Pink Hair

Don’t you sometimes wish superheroes were real? Or that we could dress up in costume all the time?


I really want to be friends with this woman just so some of her fierceness rubs off on me.
Here’s another fierce shot, Grace Jones comes to mind. I imagine she has fun all day long.


Now I want gold granny panties and a bra, and orange hair.


That’s BC CTV’s Perry.

Candis Cayne

I know this picture is blurry but it’s the only one I got.
This is Candis Cayne, if you ever watched ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money you probably remember her as Carmelita.
Here’s a better picture of her, she’s very pretty.


This was my favourite Pride moment!



Christine Best

Christine is great and an amazing singer, you should check out her Myspace page


This young man was so sweet and nice to my mom, I hope his parents are proud of him.

Miss BC

And here’s Miss BC…

Pride – A Pictorial Tale


Pink Lady

This past Sunday was Vancouver’s Pride Parade.
And with Pride comes a sad realization that summer is creeping to an end.
About 700,000 people lined the parade route this year to take in the show and we weren’t disappointed.
It was fun, euphoric, colourful, risqué and above all amazing.
Here are some pictures and two videos;

Up Fierce

Cirque de So Gay

Happy Pride


Bullying Stops Here


There's Probably No God

Humanist Girls

Confetti Free Hugs

Cuba Choir


Miss BC Couple


Peacock Rev. Gary Paterson


Faced Prince of Whales

Face Liberate Queers Everywhere



Free Love

Legalize Gay

Kitty Catherine Lives

Wild Hyatt


Garments WE Bra Burning Psalm 84:11

Nice Blue

RX... Horns

The Weekend of Domesticities

I don’t have anything major planned for this weekend, yet I’m very excited that it’s here!

West End Farmer's Market

Actually, I do have plans, I’m just not allowing myself to do anything remotely fun until I’ve tackled that ever growing pile of laundry that’s been silently judging me for months now.
Yes, I am my very own disciplinarian, sometimes I give myself time-outs.
The laundry situation is getting a little out of hand and it’s got to be arrested.

Wed 17 Mar - 7 Wed 17 Mar - 3

The West End Farmers’ Market is starting tomorrow for the season, I might allow myself time in between loads to wander over.
I’m going to try another tea fast this weekend, and do yoga (I got some free passes last weekend at the EPIC show).
And hopefully, come Monday start training fervently for the half-marathon.
I’m training with intent to run, but I’m not going to register just yet – I have until the 21st.

Wed 17 Mar - 1 Wed 17 Mar - 8

Also possibly happening this weekend… I’m making Wacky Cake, but first I’m going to find a child so that we can be awed together!
The grown ups I live with aren’t impressed by such things.
While I’m at it, I’ll probably just scurry over to Costco, the bunker needs replenishing.
I mentioned to a work colleague that I’m might go to Costco as part of my big weekend plan, and he said;
“You’re going to Costco on the weekend? How suburban of you”
I know sometimes I come off as some hippie wild child, but I do enjoy suburban delicacies like  those giant retail warehouses… where else would I find a five-gallon tub of granola?

Wed 17 Mar - 9 Wed 17 Mar - 5
Outfit Details: White blouse – INC (The Bay), Skirt – Marc by Marc Jacobs, Belt – The Gap, Tights – The Bay, Shoes – Clarks

This outfit didn’t turn out as I’d hoped; the blouse I initially picked to wear with the skirt didn’t quite work out.
So with only five minutes left to get to work, I chose this white blouse – which turned out ok, I guess.

Farmers' Market

See you at the Farmers’ Market, …maybe!