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The Sunshine Coast

Two Saturdays ago when the weather gods deemed us worthy of a real summer day, we escaped the city for a quick jaunt to the Sunshine Coast.
Every time I go to the Sunshine Coast I utter these words at some point “man… I’ve got to move here”

Not a Straight Path

Life is wonderfully serene and unrushed there, the kind of place one goes to live a content and healthy life; I find the fact that you’re never far away from the ocean oddly inspiring.
I love that the lower Sunshine Coast is just forty minutes by ferry away and yet it feels like worlds apart.

189/365 Gibsons Landing #mostly365

Davis Bay Davis Bay Pier

I spent ten glorious days on the Sunshine Coast a couple of years ago and it was such a blissful experience, I wrote about it here.
One memorable adventure was a hike along the beach from Gibsons to Roberts Creek – we explored rocky beaches with treacherous tides, dodgy cliffs, dense forests and old failing bridges.

Sat 9-Jul-11 ~ 3 Sat 9-Jul-11 ~ 1

This short trip was more about reminiscing; getting that old feeling back, rediscovering old haunts and looking up friends we’d since forgotten.
I stayed away for too long, a day wasn’t enough – I must go back soon, in fact I should… the minute I can get away again.

More pictures below…
Robert's Creek Mandala II
Roberts Creek Community Mandala

Robert's Creek
Roberts Creek Beach

Fishing Wharf, Sechelt

Robert's Creek
Roberts Creek


Homes Gibsons
Roberts Creek/Gibsons Landing

Pebbled Beach at Davis Bay


A silly thing happened to me this past weekend; a tiny wood splinter got stuck in my hand and as much as I tried, I couldn’t get it out.
Wedged under my skin, it was so tiny you could barely see it. I picked at it with tweezers for hours, but it only made the skin around it sore.
It’s remarkable how a tiny speck can make one so miserable – I imagined life with a splinter permanently embedded in my hand, and the possibility of losing my hand from infection.
Drama aside, the internet can be dangerous enabler when you’re desperate, I almost hacked off my fingers with an X-Acto knife.
Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, I didn’t get to play doctor with a sharp knife.
I went to the urgent care centre first thing the next morning, where a nice doctor after a shot of local anaesthesia, broke the skin open and got the splinter out.

IMG_9255 IMG_9257

So how did I manage to get a sharp piece of wood stuck inside my palm?
The bloody train tracks! That’s how.

Turn The Dark Clouds Inside Out

I want to try optimism this month.
It was suggested that I start each day by pulling back the curtains, looking unto the skies and allowing a wave of gratitude to wash over me; gratitude for another day and the greatness it holds.
This morning I looked outside towards the skies and all I saw was gloom, rain and dark angry clouds.
The morning felt like an evening foreshadowing an ominous night.
I thought of a quote I’d seen recently, the writer describing his despair said he felt like he lived in the set of ‘The Killing
This analogy felt accurate this morning, except I really do live on the set of ‘The Killing’
The US version is shot here! Vancouver plays Seattle on the show.
Here are a few shots that could complement the show…


West Van

Lone Walker

I want to try optimism this month…
I heard someone play ‘Keep The Home Fires Burning’ last night, I hadn’t heard it in ages, but it’s stuck in my head – I hummed it all day
It’s one of those weird songs I learnt from my father, you probably don’t know this song, unless you were around during the First World War in Britain. Neither was my dad… but he was a war buff.
It was still stuck my head this morning when I pulled back the curtains, and at that moment this wartime song seemed fitting.
Especially the last lines, which I naturally changed;

Turn the dark clouds inside out
Till the sun comes out

The Sea


And by noon, it looked as if the sun was trying to peek through.
It’s going to be a sunny day after all!
I want to try optimism this month…

98/365 Spring Yellows #mostly365

Weekends and Strawberries

I’m going to be eating a lot of strawberries this week!
Organic strawberries were on sale for $1.99/lb. this Friday at Wholefoods.
I got two boxes last night, got home and my brother brought us another two boxes; he’s been going around gifting these strawberries.
My mom also got another two boxes earlier in the day; so we have six pounds of strawberries.


IMG_4853 IMG_4841

I wasn’t sure what to make for dessert Friday night, but I knew the strawberries would be involved.
Whatever it was, I didn’t want to spend a lot of time making it – I needed something quick and delicious.
The idea for dressed-up lemon tarts came to me at the grocery store.
I got plain lemon tarts, topped them with sliced strawberries and added a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.


I was afraid it’d be too acidic; with the lemon, the tartness of the strawberries and then adding vinegar would be too much.
It turned out to be the perfect sweet and sour dessert.
The strawberries are good too, I could tell simply by how fragranced they were.

Fri 29 Apr - 6 Fri 29 Apr - 7

Also meet my new favourite tote, it’s huge and roomy with big easy-to-carry handles.
I’m just not using it to carry my groceries yet, it’s so awesome, it’s my weekend tote.
It’s from Eataly in New York, the most amazing food market I’ve ever visited, it’s like a foodie’s paradise.