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The Aftermath

I woke up this morning a little jaded, and so very disenchanted with this city.
I love Vancouver, I always have; there’s just something special and dreamy about the city that sucks you in, despite its issues there’s no other place I’d rather live.
I always believed the people are part of what made this city awesome; but I’m not so sure after last night.
I went for a little walk this morning before work; a massive cleanup was underway, glass was being shovelled off the streets, windows were being boarded up, and the streets are returning to normal;

Used to be a display window at the Bay on the Seymour Street Side

IMG_8318 IMG_8287
Cleanup inside The Bay & the entrance at Future Shop

Charred ground – Seymour Street

Bus Stop with glass broken on Georgia Street (hope it’s replaced before a rainfall)

Coach display window…

Shattered glass at Michael Kors

Chanel – Merchandise cleared out

Shards of glass & a mannequin hand

MAC store – cleared out

London Drugs – Cleanup crew

Future Shop / Winners

Broken window

Cleaning up glass at Chapters

Vancouver Riots 2011

I think it was a saddened reporter on tv who said, Vancouver lost more than a hockey game tonight.
I sat in front of the tv tonight in my fairly quiet West End neighbourhood downtown and watched shocked as rioters tried to set the city ablaze, loot stores and destroy everything in their path.
The scenes looked familiar, of course I’ve seen these scenes before, but this time it was happening just blocks away.

And this all happened because we lost a hockey game? Stay classy – Vancouver!

Marina & Downtown




The Olympics begin tomorrow.

Sumi Miga Quatchi - 2010 Olympics Mascot

It’s a little surreal, for as long as I’ve lived here it’s been the great imminent event that has eclipsed almost everything else.

I went for a little walk this afternoon during lunch and the city was abuzz with activity.

It’s like our population doubled overnight, there’re people everywhere!


2010 Olympic Mittens olympic mitten

The Olympic Torch is making its way downtown; I plan on seeing the relay tonight.

Hopefully it gets cold enough to wear my red mittens.

You Gotta Be Here!

My first thought after seeing this Tourism BC Ad (featuring Michael J. Fox, Ryan Reynolds, Erick McCormack, Kim Cattrall, Steve Nash, and Sarah McLachlan) was;

“Oh my God, I want to live there!”

Except, I already live here!

olympic mittens

The Ad is just in time for the winter Olympics which is a surprising 20 days away.

The Olympic torch has made it’s way throughout the country and it’s finally here in BC.

Most of us have come around to being excited about the games.

Five Rings Canada Place

It’s a nice afternoon, I’m think I’m going to go ride the Olympic Line streetcar to Grandville Island and take some pictures.

The Games Are Coming

2010 Olympic Rings

There’s an old Akan adage, which I’ll paraphrase as thus “You don’t rush out to meet with festivities that’s coming to your house”.

It’s intended to encourage patience, patience for those things that’ll eventually come to us.

Vancouver 2010 countdown clock 1

I was oddly reminded of that saying the first time I saw the 2010 Winter Olympics countdown clock.

A dad taking photos of his little girl tried to distract her by asking how old she’d be come February 2010.

The girl steadied herself for a moment, with her mom’s help counted on her fingers and shouted excitedly “I’ll be nine!”

Her older brother says with an incredulous look, “But, that’ll take forever!”

1092 days seemed so very far away.

2010 seemed like a lifetime to come.

2010 Winter Olympics Countdown Clock

I’ve passed by the clocked several times in almost three years that it’s been counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds.

A lot has happened since then, and yet some things have remained the same.

I’m beginning to think that maybe 2010 didn’t seem so far away after all.

90 Days To Go

It’s only two months away now.

I guess it’s time to look beyond when the clock stops counting down… because that’s inevitable.