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  • Montreal | A Pictorial Tale

    Montreal is charming, traditional, cosmopolitan and quirky, it’s a city with a strong cultural and historic background.

  • Maple Beach, Point Roberts

    I love, love our little trips to Point Roberts in the summer! I’ve written about Point Roberts a few times…

  • Strawberry Icebox Pie

    The summer we started making icebox cakes, we made them throughout the season; it was as if we couldn’t stop,…

  • Citrus and Berries Salad

      I got a little wistful this weekend at the farmers’ market because in a few weeks it’ll all be…

  • Heirloom Tomatoes & Plum Salad

      @adjoa and I made this dreamy heirloom tomatoes and plum salad last September when summer was just winding down….