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Citrus and Berries Salad


I got a little wistful this weekend at the farmers’ market because in a few weeks it’ll all be over – our local market runs only in the summer.
I felt a little sad picking through the season’s final strawberries, blueberries and cherry tomatoes to make this salad.
I always get this feeling towards the end of summer; it’s bad, so bad that I’ll normally try different things to prolong the inevitable – I take a vacation, have drinks on the patio every evening and even wear white after Labour Day in protest.

IMG_3024 IMG_3036

Yet nothing beats a summer afternoon, it’s perfect and magical.
Henry James called it ‘the two most beautiful words in the English language’.

This citrus and berries salad is kind of like a summer’s afternoon, languidly wholesome.
This has been my lunch for most weekend afternoons these last few months, it started out as an easy way to use up all those summer berries we’ve been getting, and soon I couldn’t get enough of it.

IMG_3041 Summer Citrus & Berry Salad

A salad like this shouldn’t be this good, but it is delightfully complex and refreshing.
It’s savoury and juicy, with a bit of sweetness from the berries and oranges, the vinaigrette adds a sweetened tangy and tart component and there’s the wonderful crunch and nuttiness from the pecans.

I’ve tried raspberries and blackberries, with peppery arugula and champagne vinaigrette.
I gave this recipe to my friend N., who makes it as a side topped with blue cheese to go with grilled steaks and potatoes for dinner – I guess what I’m trying to get at here, is that it’s a versatile salad.

This salad, and summer afternoons… I’m hoping for a bit more of both.

IMG_3023 Citrus & Berry Salad


Heirloom Tomatoes & Plum Salad


@adjoa and I made this dreamy heirloom tomatoes and plum salad last September when summer was just winding down. I didn’t get a chance to share it here before winter got its gloomy hands on us.
But after the few glorious days we’ve had, and seeing that we’re mere weeks from summer’s unofficial start, it seems proper to feature this salad now.
Hopefully it’ll inspire someone to try it this summer, since that’s what I intend to do… a lot, as soon as BC plums start hitting the markets.

I wouldn’t have thought to put plums and tomatoes together, and yet they make a perfect harmonious pair in this creation.


This salad is so simple yet packs a flavourful punch, I plan on trying other fruit combinations – peaches, nectarines, pears, etc and even grapes; lately I’ve been experimenting with grapes in savoury dishes.
The vinaigrette is tangy and sweet, a little like the tomatoes and plums.
It’s light, tart and fresh, perfect for hot summer days.

The recipe comes from Heather over at L.A. In Bloom; a lovely blog that I adore.

IMG_3408 IMG_3372
IMG_3396 IMG_3402


Scenes From Around Here: Sasamat Lake

251/365 Sasamat Lake #mostly365

Some days I feel like I’ve lived here for far too long, seen it all, and perhaps it’s time for newer adventures, and then I go and discover a place like Sasamat Lake.
I can’t believe I’d never heard of this place until last summer.





Scenes From Around Here: Grouse in Summer

237/365 Eye of the Wind #mostly365 Gliding

So last summer when my friend E. came up from Portland for a visit, we went up to Grouse, and then up to the Eye of the Wind Turbine.
On clear days, I can see the turbine from my desk at work, and I wanted to wait till I had out-of-town guests to go up there…


The Eye of the Wind

Looking Down

The Ranges

The Views



Mary’s Garden

I miss Mary’s garden, I can’t wait to go back next summer…

Sunny Garden




Hideaway Garden

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