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“Life carries my love into the ocean that swallows everything good”.

Tue 8 Jun - 7

Tue 8 Jun - 4 Tue 8 Jun - 3

Tue 8 Jun - 6

I stepped outside into the world again for the first time in days.
I was disappointed to find out that Mieka the cat still hadn’t been found.
Other than that it looks like the world did fine without me.
We got our first snow on the mountains today, and the temperature’s gone down a few degrees.
I’m already looking forward to the weekend and I’ve only been back a day.

Friday Unusual

Today should have been a great day, and there’s still potential for redemption but there’s just too much going on right now.

Wed 5 May - 9

My co-worker and desk-neighbour is quitting, today’s our last day together as workmates – I’m a little sad, because we’ve had some good times together, and I lived vicariously through her insanely adventurous streak.

I felt incredibly cool knowing a woman who backpacked the world alone.

Wed 5 May - 8 Wed 5 May - 7

And here comes more stressors;

I need to go by the bank after work, I have to pick up a package at the post office and pass by the dry-cleaners.
Then I have to pack, twist my hair, process pictures from last weekend’s picnic and hurry out for quick drinks.

Wed 5 May - 2 Wed 5 May - 3
Outfit Details: Jacket – Olive des Olive, Dress – Urban Outfitters, Tights – The Bay, Boots – Ash

I’m doing all this in high heel boots, because that’s how I roll.
Well, I guess I don’t have to wear the heels to pack but it’ll make it more dramatic.

Let’s hope tomorrow is much more relaxed and calm day

It feels like fall has arrived unceremoniously here, but let’s hope it’s still summer in other parts of the world.

Wed 5 May - 5

Busy Bee

Here’s a post about being busy and pictures that have nothing to do with being busy; just go with it.

Thu 6 May - 7 Thu 6 May - 4

If I told you how busy I really am, you’d probably think I was exaggerating.
I’ve been so preoccupied with work; I dream about work when I’m asleep.
I dreamt I was taking a lovely train ride to a beautiful chateau only to get there and it turns out it’s my office.

Such a dream tease… I’d say!

Thu 6 May - 6 Thu 6 May - 5

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s when work invades my subconscious state.
My dreams are mostly pretty awesome, even my nightmares are sometimes terrifyingly awesome.
So yeah, I’m really busy and stuff but I’ve been calm and poised about it.
I really like this side of me, I’m not cracking under pressure, I feel so mature and in control.

Two more days… of ridiculously backbreaking work (ok, that’s an exaggeration!), until I’m free… for a short while.

Thu 6 May - 8 Thu 6 May - 1
Outfit Details: Denim Shirt – Ann Taylor, Skirt – custom made by my mom, Shoes – Clarks

How much do I love this skirt? It was sewn by my mom with her bare hands (and a sewing machine).
I was going to get her to make me a couple more, but these days she’d rather be playing solitaire on her iPhone.
Seriously, she might have a problem there… but whatevs, I don’t judge.
The denim shirt I’ve had for years, and every once in a while I’d wear it and wonder why I don’t wear it more often.

Ok, back to work!


These final days of summer are filled with absolutely perfect sunny days.
Looks like we’re in for another amazing weekend, I like!

Thu 13 May - 4 Thu 13 May - 2

This is a remix.
I was going to have this skirt shortened, the length felt a little off to me, I didn’t like the way it fell around my legs.
Except wearing it high-waisted works too, I get the desired length effect

Thu 13 May - 3

The great thing about this skirt is that it’s adaptable to all seasons, I guess that’s why I’ve had it for so long.

Thu 13 May - 5 Thu 13 May - 1
Outfit Details: Skirt – The Gap, Blouse – Thrifted, Jacket – Aritzia, Shoes – Nine West, Socks – Night Market, Sunnies – Robert Marc

Thu 13 May - 7