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Lazy Weekends

It’s going to be a quiet and hopefully sunshine-filled weekend for me.
Everyone around me is sick and I feel like I’m coming down with something.
I don’t have the dreaded scratchy throat yet, but I’ve had a few unusual sneezes.
And I’m tired, but that’s probably from lack of sleep.
I’ve gone to bed consistently late this week, I went to bed at 1:00AM last night; I blame it on the holidays.
Next week’s intent is to get to bed early.
Tomorrow, I’ll sleep in…

I’ll read some old favourites and a cookbook; and maybe make something sweet from said cookbook.

I’ll eat the just-in-case-I-get-sick soup, well… maybe even if I’m not sick – soup heals the soul.<,br/>
There’s rice and beluga lentils (that’s like caviar in vegetariana!) in yummy tomato and olive oil  broth.

I’ll paint my nails the colour of plums.

And take down the Christmas tree and decorations, albeit reluctantly – I still can’t believe the holidays are over!

And If I’m feeling up to it, I’ll hang out with the little guys and we’ll paint something magnificent.


“Life carries my love into the ocean that swallows everything good”.

Tue 8 Jun - 7

Tue 8 Jun - 4 Tue 8 Jun - 3

Tue 8 Jun - 6

I stepped outside into the world again for the first time in days.
I was disappointed to find out that Mieka the cat still hadn’t been found.
Other than that it looks like the world did fine without me.
We got our first snow on the mountains today, and the temperature’s gone down a few degrees.
I’m already looking forward to the weekend and I’ve only been back a day.

Days Off

I’ve been off sick from work for the past two days.
I’ve been spending my time in bed, with a cough and general malaise.
Being sick sucks, but the good thing is; I’m all caught up on my daytime soaps.
On the extra sad news front, I think my mom told me yesterday that my cousin Sam had passed away.
I didn’t know my cousin Sam very well, but we shared a unique kinship.
I had a feeling we both felt we didn’t belong with these people who were supposed to be family.

The Saint Germain l’Auxerrois church was the church of the Louvre, back when the Louvre was a royal palace.
The ‘Hautes Herbes’ sculpture is in front of the church, and I’m drawn to it.

Église Saint-Germain l'Auxerrois

Beatrice Guichard

Hautes Herbes

Sick Day Two

Wed 10 Feb - 8 Wed 10 Feb - 7

I think I’m getting better, that’s what I keep mumbling to myself.

I’m trying the “fake it till you make it” technique.

My mom asked me this morning if I’d consider cancelling my trip, she’s such a kidder!

Seriously, it’s not like I’m dying, I have a cold!

The sneezing fits, the groans and moans, that’s more for effect – it’ll pass.

I feel better already.

Besides, I have a spa appointment, lunch at Chelsea Market and a date strolling the High Line

I can’t do all that lying in bed at home, being sick.

Wed 10 Feb - 6 Wed 10 Feb - 5

Brown Jacket: Joe Fresh Style
Brown Blouse: The Gap
Black Shirt: The Gap
Pants: The Gap
Shoes: Clarks
Bead Necklace: Gift

The Common Cold

I’m sick!

I have a cold; runny nose, sneezing and an inexplicable swollen face… I’m not a pretty site.

For a while now I thought I’d become immune to colds – save for seasonal allergy symptoms, I haven’t had a good proper cold in years.

I slept in the morning and rolled into work around noon, I could barely stay upright so I left after a few hours.

I went for a long leisurely walk afterwards, which was nice.

I stopped by the Gap to check out the Stella McCartney Gap Kids collection, the pieces are sweet, adorable and lovely.

I can’t wait to see cute kids running around in these clothes.

Anyway, I’m giving myself up to tomorrow to feel better; I’m leaving for New York on Friday and I need my time there to be free of the common cold.

Besides do they still let people with fever on planes?

Now on to clothes…

Tue 9 Feb - 6 Tue 9 Feb - 3

This is one of my favourite dresses, I like the tweed look.

Tue 9 Feb - 7 Tue 9 Feb - 4

Wearing it with the shirt pinafore-like reminds me of a dress I wore when I was little.

Tue 9 Feb - 5 Tue 9 Feb - 10

Tweed Dress: Kimchi Blue
Blue Shirt: Jacob
Tights: The Bay
Shoes: Nine West
Coat: Identify