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Paris Apartment No.5

Paris Apartment No.5

This year our apartment was an adorable little loft with an alcove bedroom and rooftop views of le haut Marais.

Tucked away in a pre-Haussmann building on a narrow crooked street off Rue de Rivoli, the fifth floor walkup with steep spiral stairs had no elevators!

The suite was minimally and tastefully decorated, with pops of colour and bathed in natural light, it had all the amenities and comforts of home.

Paris Apartment No.5

On Sundays we’d awaken to the bells of the Church of the Blancs-Manteaux (white-coats) as the restaurants and cafes downstairs stir from the night’s revelry.

Downstairs was a boulangerie with amazingly chocolatey and buttery pain au chocolat and wonderful seeded loaves. Our charming little street was also home to France’s oldest teahouse.

Paris Apartment No.5
Paris Apartment No.5

We couldn’t have asked for a more centralized location, we were within walking distance of all our favourite spots and sights; museums, galleries, markets, bars, gardens and legendary cafés were just a skip and hop away.

I love the energy of the Marais; it’s quaint, eclectic and vibrant, and waking up with daylight streaming through the windows of our cosy place was glorious – it felt good to be part of the neighbourhood.

Paris Apartment No.5
Paris Apartment No.5 Paris Apartment No.5

It was the perfect little spot to sleep, eat and put up our feet after a long day traipsing the hilly curvy cobblestoned streets of Paris.

Paris Apartment No.5
Paris Apartment No.5

But wait, I have more photos!

Herbed Garlic Butter Pasta

Herbed Garlic Butter Pasta

One of the things I love about staying in an apartment while on vacation is having access to a kitchen.

It’s particularly wonderful if you love to cook, and are in a city like Paris where colourful markets are filled with stalls of tempting produce, cheeses, breads, specialty foods and other sundry goods.

We didn’t cook much on this trip; the few meals we prepared were fast and simple like this herbed garlic butter pasta.

From the market, we got garlic and fragrant dried herbs; I should mention here that a mix of freshly chopped spinach, basil and parsley would work superbly in this pasta, we just went with dried herbs for the sake of ease.

Herbed Garlic Butter Pasta

Herbed Garlic Butter Pasta Herbed Garlic Butter Pasta

I make little dietary exceptions when I’m on vacation… creamy delicate Échiré butter, smooth and luxurious Beurre Bordier, and pastries are some of my indulgences when I’m in Paris.

What we have with this pasta is the ultimate holiday comfort meal, pasta tossed in an aromatic herby garlic butter sauce, it’s rich and deeply satisfying, a simple indulgence.

It boasts a handful of ingredients only and it comes together quickly, this is particularly important when you’re on vacation, the last thing you want is to be standing over a stove.

Herbed Garlic Butter Pasta

Herbed Garlic Butter Pasta

On this particular day we spent the day exploring Jardin des Plantes and the Grande Mosquée where we drank mint tea, we roamed Rue Mouffetard and when it started raining we picked up fluffy angel cakes from Patisserie Ciel on Rue Monge for later.

We ate this pasta watching the rain fall down those iconic rooftops; rain is always a good reason to have pasta.

And now that I’m home and it’s raining… I want to make this pasta again on a soggy lazy evening; perhaps with fresh basil and Herbes de Provence with my favourite dairy-free butter and a ton of garlic.

Herbed Garlic Butter Pasta

Herbed Garlic Butter Pasta

Merci Shop, Paris


I’m a dreamer; my mind is always wandering of to far off places I’d rather be… sundrenched fields of wild flowers and breezy huts shaded by mango trees. Sometimes I’d wish myself back to the memorable places I’ve loved, and moments when I’ve felt truly content.

I took a short trip to Portland this past weekend, a long scenic train ride that didn’t feel long at all.
I brought my laptop along, finally ready to tackle photos from my vacation last year Рand unearthed these photos of our final day browsing the enchanting Merci store and stealing a quick breakfast at the Used Book caf̩.

IMG_5756 IMG_5746

Processing these pictures on the train amidst the spectacular landscapes of Pacific Northwest made for such a perfect moment – almost as if I was in two of my favourite places at once, and at that instant there was no need to dream.

I’d heard and read many good things about Merci and I knew I’d like it even before I set foot there.

From the café, we ate hot delicate scones slathered with thick smooth echire butter, and zesty fromage blanc with nuts and honey. And lots of café au lait


And then we lingered, as one would in a store that carries a little bit of their favorite things, all delightful and covetable – understated and stylish clothes, functional and elegant furnishings and household wares, and dreamy eclectic products that you didn’t even know you needed.

You could wander here and never tire, the displays are beautiful, alluring, they change with the season; artsy and cultural with a dash of whimsy – Ideal for browsing and garnering design inspiration even if priced a little out of range.


And the staff; attentive and informed, with all sorts of tips – from cute gift ideas to suggestions to check out a chic optical store on rue de Turenne.

The store is a little bit like the city it inhabits, cozy, original and conceptually stimulating.

The Fiat 500 at the entrance is adorable, a theme of minimalist elegance and cheeriness carries throughout the store.

There’s also a unique philanthropy facet to this already awesome store, profits are used to ‘finance acts of human development’

~Hope you enjoy the pictures…

IMG_5790 IMG_5802

Merci Shop, Paris
111 boulevard Beaumarchais
75003 Paris

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An Apartment in Le Marais

An Apartment in Le Marais

In the few years that I’ve been visiting Paris, I’ve always stayed in apartments; all of them in Le Marais…

There was the tiny ‘apartment’ with huge windows overlooking Rue des Lombards, its cobblestone streets always packed with revellers – it was a busy and noisy area but I loved it!

In a charming courtyard on a quieter part of Rue de Turenne was the bright duplex furnished with vintage suitcases.

We stayed on Rue de Jarente last year, in a quaint old ivy-covered building inside an adorable cobblestone and garden courtyard

An Apartment in Le Marais

We left things too late and almost didn’t get our Le Marais apartment this year, but our friend L. came through for us at the last minute… otherwise, this post would have been about a quaint studio on the Left Bank in the 7th with views of the Eiffel Tower and Champs de Mars – which I guess wouldn’t have been a bad thing, but I prefer ‘the marsh’.

I love Le Marais; it feels very much like my neighbourhood now, I know where to get good bread (Au Petit Versailles Du Marais), a nearby place with fallafel so incredible it’s perhaps the best in Paris, and it’s open till midnight – La’s du Fallafel (except for Saturdays and Jewish holidays).
And, I just found a vegan restaurant (Le Potager du Marais).

This year, we also discovered The Broken Arm for great coffee, and the popular Marche Les Enfant Rouges is always great for lunch in the neighbourhood (try the Morracan food stall).

An Apartment in Le Marais An Apartment in Le Marais

Our apartment this time was on a narrow curved street off of Rambuteau, secluded in a quiet open courtyard on the first floor of a stately 16th century building.

The suite had a bright and open layout with large glass doors and windows, cosy and delightfully furnished offering all the comforts and amenities of home.

I loved the colourful and vibrant accents, and how incredibly efficient these small Parisian apartments are.

And with its proximity to all my favourite places, it’s one of the best parts of my vacation and why I keep returning to Le Marais.

But wait, I have more photos!

A Parisian Apartment

Appartement Parisien

In the very few weeks that I briefly get to live my dream of living in Paris, the tiny apartment is the one thing that truly makes me feel Parisian.

Sure, I tirelessly wander markets and flea market stalls, eat amazingly good food, people-watch from outdoor cafés, and visit museums and gardens and everything else in between, but nothing makes me feel more a part of this dazzling city than coming home to a welcoming little apartment and waking up to the sun streaming through the giant windows, or the views from the window while I sip my morning coffee, or running to the boulangerie for bread. It all feels so natural and exceptional.

IMG_5575 IMG_6548

Last October, our apartment was tucked deep behind a second courtyard of Renaissance era building in the 4th arrondissements on a narrow Le Marais street.

We stayed in a beautiful little third floor apartment with lots of natural light and ceilings with exposed beams; outside the cobblestoned courtyards were little green gardens and ivy plants creeping up the building and around giant doors and windows.

IMG_5573 IMG_5481

And while it felt like a little countryside cottage inside, outside was bustling with activity Рthe main gates opened on to Place du March̩ Sainte Catherine, a delightful pedestrian-only plaza filled with people, greenery, benches and outdoor restaurants.

Also close were wonderful busy Le Marais streets like Rue des Francs Bourgeois, Rue Vielle du Temple and Rue des Rosiers, and just a minute away from Place des Vosges.

On dull rainy days, I daydream longingly about a Parisian apartment, seemingly more perfect than I remember.


IMG_5483 IMG_5472
IMG_6550 IMG_6560


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