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Marmite Almonds

And so continues my love affair with marmite.

Oven Baked Cashews Marmite Cashews

These oven baked cashews with marmite (which are amazing, by the way) had me thinking about how easy it’ll be to try my own marmite nuts recipes.

Big Squeeze

Fortunately, I brought two huge pots of marmite from vacation which I’ve been using mostly in sandwiches and hot beverages

It’s been my main source of vitamin B12 given that I’m vegetarian and also don’t eat eggs or dairy.


As luck would have it (again), I had some raw almonds left over from my last batch of granola, so I decided to try oven baked almonds glazed with marmite.

For about two cups of raw almonds, I added a pinch of salt, a tablespoon of olive oil and two tablespoons of marmite.

I used the oil to help coat and bind the marmite to the almonds. In hindsight, I probably should have used flour for a less sticky outcome.

Covered in Marmite

I put all ingredients in a bowl and tossed them around a bit until the almonds were well coated with the marmite mixture.

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Curious Product: Marmite Rice Cakes

My friend M. found her perfect golden-hued dried maple leaf this morning.

She laid it on her desk and smiled with a glint in her eye.

There’s just something splendid about life’s little pleasures.

Oven Baked Marmite Cashews Marmite

Sort of like the little glee in my heart when I found the new Marmite snacks.

I’ve told a Marmite story before, I haven’t always liked Marmite – it somewhat grew on me.

It was at the Clapham Junction Asda; whiling away time and waiting to go to dinner.

I saw a lady with a pack of rice cakes; the packaging was black with the visible yellow and red Marmite label.

I had a brief ‘is that…. ?’ moment.

Not sure where she got it from, I started following her.

I find that I’m braver when I’m alone, especially in a place where no one knows me.

I followed the lady for a few seconds, gave in and asked where she got them from.

She very excitedly tells me three aisles down, and asks if I’ve tried them.

I say no and that I’ve never seen them before.

Marmite Rice Cakes

Apparently it’s new, they (Unilever) put out a variety of Marmite snacks, and the rice cakes are her favourite.

She asks me where I’m from; she says I’m lucky when I tell her.

She offers to walk me to where she got them, she may have taken the last one – there’s none left when we get there.

We ask one of the store clerks, the kind man offers to check the back; I’m hopeful and excited again.

He has no luck, they’re sold out.

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