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Airplane Food and Layovers


I sort of love layovers; I love that in-between moment in some strange city when life feels transient and the real world feels… well, worlds away.

Long layovers are preferable… I remember when I was a kid; once, my mom, my brother J and I were flying home when our plane made an unscheduled stop due to engine problems. We stayed overnight in an unfamiliar city, checked into a hotel, ordered room service and watched tv in bed. The next morning, we had ice cream with breakfast and my mom took us on a taxi ride into the city before our flight.

IMG_6603 IMG_6588

I stayed overnight in London a few months back when I was flying home from Paris, it felt surreal being in London on a layover – to be so alluringly close to the city, family and friends… it felt like I was never quite there.

It was dark and tiring by the time our shuttle deposited us to our hotel, luckily I’d packed my ‘airplane food’ like I promised that I would, which I didn’t get to eat it on the plane because the flight was so short.

The food I’d gathered in my lunchbox was from some of favourite places in Paris – plums and grapes from the Bastille market, croissants from Café Pouchkine, macarons from Gérard Mulot, nuts from the Pistacherie in Le Marais and leftover chocolate from Naturalia


That night, at the airport hotel that wasn’t quite by the airport, I wore their plush bathrobe, ate my packed lunch in bed for dinner and watched an episode of the new season of Downton Abbey.

IMG_6581 IMG_6595
IMG_6611 IMG_6589

And the next morning, with barely any time to spare, we made a little shopping trip, before our long flight home.


Travel Wear

Choosing the right outfit is important when traveling.
Especially if you’re going to be walking all over town in those clothes for an extended period of time.
I mean a very looong time.
E Lon 1 E Lon 2
Comfort is key…

E. Lon 4 E. Lon 5
Keeping casual, and hopefully wrinkle free.
The idea is to wear clothes you can live in; possibly forever.
And these do the trick…
E. Lon 6 E CG 2
Jacket – Emanuel Ungaro Liberte, Shirt – Zara, Pants – Baia, Shoes – Kohl’s, Bag – Chinese Laundry/Marc Labat

London For A Day

I was in London for a day this past September.
Just one day, a few little hours to try and recapture the love and awe I have for this old town.
I’m one of those people who loves London, I love London for the same reason I love my grandmother’s little house in our small town in Koforidua; nostalgia and fondness.


It was a quick hop from our apartment in Paris to Gare du Nord, where we boarded the train and two hours later we emerged from the other side of the Chunnel.

Tower Bridge Underground

I wish I could say I spent an amazing whirlwind day in London, seeing loved ones in the end made up for all the mishaps, but the day didn’t turned out quite as awesome and relaxing as I’d hoped.
In hindsight I should have avoided the Tube during rush hour, wore much comfortable shoes and not tried to do everything in a day.
I could have taken a leisurely walk to Regent’s Park, had breakfast in Camden Town, a picnic lunch in the park and let the day take a relaxing course.
Next time, I would plan better and perhaps spend the night… or two

Bird on a Bridge Temple Station

There were good moments still… it wasn’t all stiflingly-crowded Tubes, tired sore feet, running around and forgetting to eat.
There were nice moments in Covent Garden and shopping on Oxford Street.
We walked the Strand, and came upon Somerset House while Fashion Week was ongoing, so we hung around for a while.

The Royal Courts of Justice

E CG 3 Red Jacket

Fashion Week

West End

We spent the rest of the day at Tate Modern, taking in the beautiful, the inspiring, the inimitable, the weird and those that made absolutely no sense.
The calm ultimately settled in at museum; the stress of the day gave way to a leisurely calm.
I relaxed, sat still, I put my camera away (no photos allowed!), and basked in the tranquil ambience.

Covent Garden Market Curve

St. Paul's High Up

The icing on the cake… was getting to see and spend time with some really awesome people.
Saw my favourite babies… the babies are all grown up, they don’t stay babies forever do they?


Later that night, on the train back I reflected on the day and decided that it had been a good day.

Bike Sharing

For several years now there’s been talk that a public bike-share program will soon be available in Vancouver.
I thought 2010 would surely be the year… but alas non
I envy other cities with bike sharing programs; Vancouver will be so much cooler if we had one.

The largest, most popular and perhaps most successful of the bike-share schemes is Vélib’ in Paris.
It was so refreshing to see how much a part of the Parisian culture the bikes has become.
It’s an easy and convenient addition to public transportation.
And everyone looks cool and decidedly European riding the Vélib’.
And all sorts of people ride them, men, women, old, young, stylish people, business looking types, scary looking youth, etc.
Here are some cute shots of Jessica Alba riding around Paris on a Vélib’.

London Bicycles

I also got a chance to see London’s newly implemented bike share program this September.
After my experience with London Underground during rush hour, I’d say the city needs this.
Sure, it probably wouldn’t solve transportation woes, but it’s a cleaner addition, and nicer alternative to the Tube.

Velib London Cycle Hire

And Vancouver needs this too; cool factor aside, we need a sustainable public transport option.
Especially if we’re serious about becoming the greenest city in the world by 2020

Tartine et Chocolat

Tartine et Chocolat
Tartine et Chocolat, London

If I had kids they’d only wear Tartine et Chocolat, and maybe the occasional Petit Bateau but mostly Tartine et Chocolat.
This incredibly chic children’s store is filled with the most exquisite clothes, accessories and furniture.

Tartine et Chocolat
Tartine et Chocolat, Paris

I saw a sharply dressed cute kid over the weekend; wearing slacks and a blazer with the TC crest.
It reminded me of all the adorable pieces I’d seen at the Paris and London TC stores.