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On Other Things

I don’t have much planned for this weekend, except doing very important stuff around the house… like re-arranging my sock drawer.
I would love to go to the Sunshine Coast, but it looks like rain is in the forecast – it wouldn’t feel much like the Sunshine Coast without the sun.
I could go snowshoeing, probably my last for the season, they must have had more snow over the week.
I plan on baking this weekend too, hot cross buns – for an early Easter feast since I’m not going to be home during Easter.
My mom’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks, I think it’s on the same day as Daffodil Day – I thought we’d have a cancer-free themed celebration for her, but I think she’s cancered out.
We all are…
A friend suggested we get her one of those ‘Cancer messed with the wrong bitch’ t-shirts or steal an idea I saw on tv for a t-shirt that says ‘Mom 2: Cancer 0′.
I’m a little hesitant though because it feels a bit like taunting cancer…
These photos are from a few weekends ago, when I went on that road trip – this is what I wore.

Sat 19 Mar - 2 Sat 19 Mar - 4
Waiting & WIFI Sat 19 Mar - 5 Sat 19 Mar - 7
Outfit Details: Jacket – Anthropologie | Blouse – Joe Fresh | Jeans – Calvin Klein | Boots – Clarks | Necklaces – Gifts| Sunnies – Robert Marc

Brown and Blue

I got this blouse about five years ago when my clothes started feeling a little snug; it’s loose, roomy and forgiving.

Fri 25 Jun - 5 Fri 25 Jun - 9
These days I wear it just because it’s grown on me… and it’s still forgiving.

Fri 25 Jun - 2 Fri 25 Jun - 8
Either way, it’s become one of my go-to options when I absolutely ‘have nothing to wear’.

Fri 25 Jun - 6 Fri 25 Jun - 3
Outfit Details: Blouse – Old Navy, Jeans – Gap, Shoes – Nine West, Sunnies – Joe Fresh Style

The Last Nice Day

I’m working on a theory that I would be a much more creative person in a place with more sunshine.
We all know about sunshine and happiness; well, I think the link between sunshine and creativity needs to be explored.
Sun 17 Oct - 2 Sun 17 Oct - 1
The sun shone today for the first time in I-can’t-remember-when, and I felt inspired.
Inspired to do things I’d put off only days ago when it was dark and rainy.
I wrote down a list; and immediately proceeded to work on it.

  1. 125 – I want to lose 10lbs
  2. Awesome – I want to be awesome and un-boring
  3. Move – I need to move
  4. Hero – I want new hero
  5. Saviour – I want to save someone

I thought about these things in days past only to brush them aside with excuses, yet today with the glow of the sun, it seemed so viable, that I could really work on these goals.

Sun 17 Oct - 3 Sun 17 Oct - 9

I work in a creative part of town, and from my window looking into other offices; I see artists painting, designers working away on their sketches and sewing machines, photographers in studios, and I feel slightly inadequate, except today I felt inspired.
I haven’t had this surge of energy in a while, the last time I felt this inspired I went to a design show
It was on a sunny day and the show was great motivation; until it rain the next day.
Sun 17 Oct - 4
Outfit Details: Plaid shirt – H&M, Jeans – J Crew, Blazer – Tate, Shoes – Candies, Socks – Joe Fresh, Stripe scarf – Fabric Store

Colour Chair
I spotted this chair at the show, it so cheerful it reminds me of the sun, maybe if I had one of those at home… it could replace my light therapy lamp.

The Overalls

This summer I made a promise to my mother.
I agreed to give away any clothes I hadn’t worn in over two years at the end of summer.
It was just the kick I needed to sort through my shamefully exploding wardrobe.
I feel like such a hypocrite for someone who’s trying to live a minimalist lifestyle.
That; and I don’t have room in my small living quarters for all these ‘things’ I seem to be acquiring.

Fri 28 May - 7

Take these overalls for instance, you can’t tell by looking at them but they are over tens years old.
No kidding!
And here’s the kicker… I’ve never ever worn them!
How ridiculous is that?
You don’t have to answer that, I will… in the words of my friend J. “It’s totes ridic.!”
And why have I kept them for so long? I’m not sure, maybe I was waiting for overalls to make a comeback?

Fri 28 May - 10 Fri 28 May - 2

They probably weren’t in style when I got them, which would explain why they never got worn.
Or I just wasn’t creative enough to figure out how to stylishly incorporate them into my wardrobe.
Thankfully, this spring, along with clogs, overalls made a big comeback – and I took the opportunity to test these babies out.
For as long as I’ve kept them, I wanted to wear them at least once before deciding whether to give them away.

Fri 28 May - 6 Fri 28 May - 9

I got them when I still lived in Maryland, at the Gap Outlet in Old Town Alexandria.

I think I may have held on to them this long because of that connection.
I love Old Town Alexandria, It’s one of those places I talk about with that longing look in my eyes.
I remember cobblestone streets, a beautiful waterfront and colonial houses.
It’s taken me over a decade but these overalls doesn’t and shouldn’t represent a place.
It kind of reminds me of this quote.

I don’t think I’ll  keep them after all.
They’ll leave my closet soon, and even though I only wore them once, maybe they were my lesson-overalls.
Maybe I’ll visit Old Town Alexandria again, and maybe I’ll make new memories,  keep them and leave the ‘things’ behind.

Fri 28 May - 1
Outfit Details: Denim Overalls – Gap Outlet, blouse – Joe Fresh, Jacket – Aritzia, Shoes – Clarks (UK)

How To Be Good

I’ve been learning a bit more about myself in the past couple of weeks.
It all started with the French lessons, who knew taking French lessons would somehow turn into a small journey into self-discovery.
I guess you never know with these things, there’s a lesson in (almost) every deed.

Fri 30 Apri - 4 Fri 30 Apri - 6

It turns out I didn’t need French lessons after all, I’m still terrible at the language but I instinctively think I’ll be alright.
And in that thinking, I started believing that maybe other things will be alright – without much effort on my part and… in spite of me.
I’m not a worrywart, but every once in a while I worry; over things I have no control over and sometimes it’s easier to worry than work on a solution.

Fri 30 Apri - 8

Maybe it’s all that sunshine, (it does in fact lift spirits after all) but there’s this great sense of calm, and it’s a nice experience.

Fri 30 Apri - 3 Fri 30 Apri - 5
Outfit Details: Blouse & Jeans – The Gap, Boots – UO