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Wacky Cake

Remember a few months ago when I mentioned that I was going to make Wacky Cake? Well, I finally have pictures to show.
This awesome retro cake was borne from an era when ingredients such as milk, eggs and butter were scarce or rationed.


Wacky Cake is unique in that it’s made without eggs, milk and butter, and it’s still delicious.
There are quite a few slight variations of recipes – but the core ingredients remain the same; oil, vinegar and cocoa powder.
I used this recipe, it very easy to make, and put together and clean up is a breeze.

First the flour is sieved.

Cocoa Powder
Then the cocoa powder is added

Here’re the dry ingredients all mixed together to create a lovely hue.

Dry & Wet
The fun part; you make three holes in the flour and then add the oil, vinegar and vanilla.

Add a cup of water and mix it all around.


Wacky Cake

Cupcakes & Ruffles

Mon 15 Feb - 10 Mon 15 Feb - 2

I’m always on the look out for the perfect cupcake – one that I would actually enjoy.

I sometimes get really excited about cupcakes only to try them and be disappointed by their bland boring taste.

The idea of cupcakes makes me happy; I had this thought one summer to take a journey exploring yummy and delicious ‘cupcakeries’.

Cupcakes & Traffic

I went to Cupcakes last Friday; the cupcakes here are consistently good, my favourite is the coconut.

I’m seriously thinking about starting ‘Cupcake Fridays’.  It’ll be a tradition.

Mon 15 Feb - 9 Mon 15 Feb - 6

I feel the same way about ruffles as I do cupcakes

I’m in search of the perfect ruffled top or dress.

I’d like one in soft elegant pastel hues – much like cupcakes

Mon 15 Feb - 3 Mon 15 Feb - 4

This black ruffle top is from Seattle-based Romy.

I like that it’s black and not overly girly, although I’d still love them in brighter prettier colours.

The pants are Reaction by Kenneth Cole, the red cardigan is from Tommy Hilfiger, and shoes are Clarks.

Curious Product: Marmite Rice Cakes

My friend M. found her perfect golden-hued dried maple leaf this morning.

She laid it on her desk and smiled with a glint in her eye.

There’s just something splendid about life’s little pleasures.

Oven Baked Marmite Cashews Marmite

Sort of like the little glee in my heart when I found the new Marmite snacks.

I’ve told a Marmite story before, I haven’t always liked Marmite – it somewhat grew on me.

It was at the Clapham Junction Asda; whiling away time and waiting to go to dinner.

I saw a lady with a pack of rice cakes; the packaging was black with the visible yellow and red Marmite label.

I had a brief ‘is that…. ?’ moment.

Not sure where she got it from, I started following her.

I find that I’m braver when I’m alone, especially in a place where no one knows me.

I followed the lady for a few seconds, gave in and asked where she got them from.

She very excitedly tells me three aisles down, and asks if I’ve tried them.

I say no and that I’ve never seen them before.

Marmite Rice Cakes

Apparently it’s new, they (Unilever) put out a variety of Marmite snacks, and the rice cakes are her favourite.

She asks me where I’m from; she says I’m lucky when I tell her.

She offers to walk me to where she got them, she may have taken the last one – there’s none left when we get there.

We ask one of the store clerks, the kind man offers to check the back; I’m hopeful and excited again.

He has no luck, they’re sold out.


Curious Product: Knorr Minestrone con Pasta

It’s been a very busy week for me; I’m trying to cram a month’s worth of work into two weeks.

I‘ve been going to work at 8AM everyday this week; my co-worker looked at me suspiciously yesterday and asked; “Seriously, what’s going on with you?”

Preparing to go on vacation is such a bitch sometimes.

I’m working more and doing less of everything else. Surprisingly, I’m enjoying this pace, the day goes by briskly and there’s little distraction. It’s a nice change.

I wish I could say I’m too busy to cook so I’ve been eating Knorr soups instead, that would have been a nice segue, but I’m trying to cut back on lies, I haven’t cooked in years (I do bake though).

Knorr Minestrone Soup

I’m not big on soups; I used to really hate soups when I was a kid. It goes to reason that I mostly avoid soups now, but last winter I started incorporating soups into my diet.

It just seemed silly to hate soup.

Knorr Minestrone con Pasta

I figured it’s been too hot to try to make soup and it so happened that these little packets of Knorr Minestrone soup were on sale.

The ones I tried are from Knorr Italy, but with Unilever (Knorr’s parent company) being in every part of the world, I’m sure Knorr soups are every where.

I hadn’t tried any of the Knorr soups before – but I figured I could just throw it out if it turned out not so great, besides everything tastes better in Italian.

Knorr Minestrone con Pasta

Each packet serves about three and cooks in five minutes. The packet says it’s ‘senza conservanti’, Italian for ‘no preservatives’. The soup turned out ok, it wasn’t sensational but ok for a soup from dried ingredients. The dried veggies were a little on the shrunken-up side. It smelled good, had to add a bit of pepper, chives and a dash of balsamic vinegar (seriously, I put balsamic vinegar in everything!).

I had it for dinner one evening and it was nice, not too heavy but filling.

Next time I’m going to try to make my own minestrone soup, I’ve had way better homemade soups, plus I prefer the taste of fresh veggies.

I probably won’t buy this again.

Knorr Minestrone Soup

Knorr Minestrone con Pasta Knorr Minestrone con Pasta


Growing Food

In keeping with the last post’s theme, I’m talking about the weather again today.

The crazy record heat wave is killing my poor plants. Those little babies don’t stand a chance and I’m beginning to feel like I failed.


This year I’m growing tomatoes, cauliflower, bell peppers and cucumbers – yes all on my small balcony; it does make for a pretty and calming atmosphere.

I guess I’m inherently predisposed to grow things, I come from a long line of farmers and I technically spent a fair bit of my childhood on a farm.

My mom said they tried to grow grapes on the ‘farm’ one year, they were very hopeful until it grew into an overgrown bush that hardly bore any fruit and then it dried up and died a few years later. Her excuse is that they didn’t have Google back then, they may have gotten the soil’s PH wrong, the climate didn’t help and there may have been some over pruning issues.

I sometimes feel like my parents when I try my hand at gardening, it’s as if I’m supposed to do it but I may not be necessarily good at it. The good thing is I know my limitations enough not to want to quit my day job to become a farmer.


I have a beautiful coleus plant that thrives in spite of everything, and a cypress plant that would probably outlive me.

Last year, I had a got a few tomatoes for my troubles. This year I’m hoping the heat would let up and I get a few more exciting crops.

I’d hate to have to give up.

The Nelson Park community garden is awesome and I’ve been thinking about putting my name on a waitlist for a plot.

Here are a few pictures from the lovely garden – enjoy!

Garten House

Poppy Bulb

Sunflower Wilting


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