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Read This Book: I ♥ Your Style

Cover Read

I must confess; I’d never read a ‘style book’ before last Christmas!
Sure, I’d leafed through a couple and gawked at pictures, but I never really took the time to actually read one from cover to cover.


I got Amanda Brooks’ style book;  I ♥ Your Style: How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style as a Christmas present.
And I must say that I really liked it; it’s simple, communicative with basic helpful tips.
There are a lot of photos, and the styles are broken down in a way that makes them practicable.
I liked that it didn’t have a list of fashion dos and don’ts; rather it encourages developing personal style.

I Love Your Style

The text is simple, straight forward and classic, with many lovely pictures from various decades.
Six styles types are defined in the book; Classic, Bohemian, Minimal, Street, High Fashion and Eclectic.
With each type are pictures of style icons, and suggestions on how to make that look your own.


There are also tips on shopping from vintage to basic.

I ♥ Your Style Back

This book talks in simple terms how to find your personal style, make it interesting and love it.


It’s a short and easy read with nice classic and vintage pictures.


On the exercise front; I ran another tiring five miles today.
If you wish to live vicariously through my miserable run, go here and hit play to see how I ran on a map – it’s pretty cool.

Device to Break up Monotony

I’m using outfit posts to break up my New York posts.

Thu 11 Feb - 3 Thu 11 Feb - 2

I have about six related posts scheduled but I need pictures to make them pretty, and I’m gradually working on those.

Besides I don’t want my every other sentence here to be about New York (or the iPad).

I don’t want to be ‘that guy’… like my childhood friend J. who went to the Canary Islands for holidays that one time, and every one of her sentences started with “While I was in Las Palmas…” when she came back.

Thu 11 Feb - 4 Thu 11 Feb - 5

I really wanted to take these pictures outside, I thought I could – it had been bright and beautiful all day.

I got home and seconds later it started raining… arggghhhh!!!!

Thu 11 Feb - 6 Thu 11 Feb - 7

I got this red stripe from Target a few years ago and have probably worn it twice.

I wore it a year ago and looking back I look like a different person.

The pants are H&M also from about three years ago, and the boots are from Espirit.

I’ve had these boots and worn them for so long, I’m afraid they’re falling apart.


From the department of better late than never, comes these pictures from last month…


During the Olympics last month, the Milan based designers DSquared made an appearance at Holt Renfrew to launch their special edition Olympics hoodie.

The designer twins, Dean & Dan Caten originally from Canada also designed the outfits for the Canadian talent at the Olympics’ opening and closing ceremonies.

The Holt Renfrew event as I remember (it’s been over a month after all) was pleasant and relaxed.

Jacket E

Lots of fashionable people showed up, which was great because I spent time chatting with some very stylish people.


Looking Dean(?)

I met a couple who drove all the way up from Everett just for the event.

The guy had on an awesome DSquared belt buckle, I think I might have stared at his crotch a little longer than appropriate.

The event served as a good opportunity for fashionistas to get to meet one (two?) of Canada’s finest designers and also especially great for aspiring designers to meet and talk to real-life successful designers

More pictures below… enjoy!





Autograph Waiting


Fleece Hoodie



Next in the ‘Better Late Than Never’ Series; Tinariwen


Tue 2 Feb - 4 Tue 2 Feb - 6

Spring is finally here and the days are getting longer.

I’m looking forward to doing more outdoorsy stuff.

And wearing more colourful prints.

I went for a walk last Friday night; I just kept going and the next thing I knew I’d reached Science World.

I haven’t done that in a long time, I miss long runs on Saturday mornings and being rudely awaken by seagulls – yes, I somehow miss that too.

Tue 2 Feb - 1 Tue 2 Feb - 5

It’s gotten a little (relatively) warmer.

I didn’t even a jacket today, a blazer was warm enough.

Do you realize that it’s actually strange to go a whole week without rain in these parts?

Not that I miss the rain or anything, just an observation…

Tue 2 Feb - 7 Tue 2 Feb - 3

Blazer: Vero Moda
Dress: The Gap
Blue Turtleneck: The Gap
Tights: Roots
Rain Boots: Benetton

Cold Purple

Just when I thought spring was upon us, the weather went and turned super cold and frigid on us.

This morning I saw cars driving around with heaps of snow on them!

The cars looked like they were from a magical snow land far, far away from here.

Fri 22 Jan - 7 Fri 22 Jan - 10

And so it looks like we’re back to bundling up again.

And yet I’m dealing with mad allergy issues like you wouldn’t believe it.

Fri 22 Jan - 6 Fri 22 Jan - 5

Purple Shirt: Uniqlo
Dress: Old Navy
Cuffed Jeans: Gap
Boots: Espirit

Fri 22 Jan - 4 Fri 22 Jan - 1