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Summertime’s in Bloom

Wed 6 Jul ~ 5
I’ve just had one of those days; the kind they make songs about, yet somehow being out in the sun kind of makes up for it.
Someone once told me that there are no bad days in summer, and I’m beginning to understand this – like I had a wonderful weekend, but you wouldn’t know from all the awful things that happened to me.

On my way to a picnic that I was already two hours late for, I managed to spill scalding coffee all over my dress.
Then I had to walk 2.8km to the lake carrying a ridiculously heavy cooler full of ice and drinks because we couldn’t find parking.
I spent the rest of the day basking in the sun, happily wearing my morning coffee – summer does that to you

Wed 6 Jul ~ 8 Wed 6 Jul ~ 3
Summer is about my favourite things, like this dress – which I wear way too much.
I would probably get them in different colours if they came in different colours… and wear them throughout summertime.
Summer was a little late getting here, and it won’t last forever so it’s important to get the most out of it, before it turns grey and cold again.
So even typical Mondays are special in summer.

Wed 6 Jul ~ 4
Outfit Details: Dress – Uniqlo +J | Sandals – Camper | Bag – Massimo Dutti | Belt – from another dress


Tue 19 Apr - 4 Tue 19 Apr - 6

My mom wore a uniform for most of the four decades she worked processing payroll and benefits for government employees.
Her office was in a sixties soviet-style building with square glass windows so thick it made your reflection look funny.
Growing up, she worked in the aptly named ‘machine room’, a department that also housed huge IBM data processing machines which literally took up that part of the building.
The offices were always cold because the computers couldn’t stand the heat, so the uniforms were a little warm, but not so much that they’d be uncomfortable outside in the scorching sun.

Tue 19 Apr - 2 Tue 19 Apr - 3

This dress isn’t quite exactly like my mom’s uniform, the colours aren’t right, hers was a yellowish shirt with a pale blue skirt, yet this dress reminds me of my mom’s uniform for some reason.
Maybe it’s the length of the dress, and how the fabric is a little heavy but soft.
It’s probably the cut of the sleeves, or how overall the dress feels uniform-like.
This got me thinking about uniforms and when you’ve worn them for as long as my mom did, the memories they carry, and how it stays with you; the memories…

Vintage Blue

Looking through my recent blog posts, I realize that I haven’t done an outfit post in a while.

Tue 17 May ~ 7

I have a friend (who doesn’t?); he’s one of those blunt, says-it-like-he-sees-it types.
We probably still wouldn’t be friends if we didn’t live thousands of miles away from each other, but he’s a dear friend, he makes me laugh and I love him very much.
He sent me an email a few days ago saying “I see you’re not posting pictures of yourself anymore. Why, did you get fat from all that food you’ve been cooking?”
Frankly, food shots are more fun than outfit shots, and look less egotistic.

Tue 17 May ~ 2 Tue 17 May ~ 1

That said, I still love taking outfit pictures, because it continues to be fun and I actually enjoy it (who wouldn’t? all I have to do is just stand there).
I just switched over my summer wardrobe, and if the warm weather sticks around for a bit, I should be out there taking some fun pictures.
So here’s an outfit post; of my favourite vintage blue dress – I got this dress in le Marais last year on my last day on vacation.
It was one of those perfect days, and I still had a million final things to do, I made a little detour and found this dress.

Tue 17 May ~ 10

It was blue, vintage and polyester – I was drawn to it, it reminded me of an old black and white picture I’d seen of my great aunt.
She had a similar dress on and in the picture, she looked so young, innocent and happy; and with that image in mind I knew I had to have that dress.