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Oatmeal Coconut and Almond Cookies w/ Pomegranate Molasses


I woke up very early this morning to get to work for a 7AM conference call; living in a time zone hours behind the rest of the world is a pain sometimes.
I still wish I were an early riser though; just before 8, I saw the sun shimmer and glow, bursting its way onto the morning sky, and thought “so that’s what sunrise looks like” I couldn’t remember the last time I’d seen a sunrise, It looked so yellow and dramatic.
Speaking of meetings… we usually have team meetings on Mondays at my place of work.
We take turns chairing these meetings, and whoever’s turn it is to chair is supposed to bring treats – usually muffins, bagels and the sort.

And for as long as I’ve been there, like clockwork I’ve always brought banana bread!
This isn’t because I love banana bread, or that I make killer banana bread; on the contrary, I don’t make it – I buy it from Capers and it’s easy.
Whenever it ‘s been my Monday to chair, I’d pop into Capers on Sunday night and pick up a loaf of banana bread, or better yet beg someone to get it for me.
I’ve literally been this lazy for years – until last month.
Maybe it was the excitement of the season but it suddenly seemed ridiculously boring to do yet another store-bought banana bread.
Perhaps I was in festive baking mood, I thought about the oatmeal coconut and almond cookies I made for the half-marathon and figured it’ll make a pleasant morning snack
This time I opted to add pomegranate molasses. I’ve been on a pomegranate molasses kick lately; I put it in everything for that sour tart taste.

IMG_7297 IMG_7335

332/365 Oatmeal Almond Cookies #mostly365

Oatmeal & Lingonberry Jam Pie


I have a confession to make: whenever I’m at Ikea I always end up at the food market, I usually ponder how bizarre it is to get excited about food from a furniture store, and I always walk away with some lingonberry jam and Daim.
I love lingonberry jam…
It’s one of those preserves that has a delicious balance of sweetness and tartness – it’s used as a condiment in sweet and savoury dishes in Scandinavia where it grows wild.
I usually stir it into my porridge, use it in thumbprint cookies, or just on toast or pancakes.

Dessert - Pie w Custard Sauce

I initially used lingonberry jam in this pie only because I was out of blueberry jam – which is what the recipe I found calls for.
This pie is buttery, sweet and slightly tart – a simple and truly lovely dessert.
It’s based on the traditional Icelandic ‘wedded bliss cake’, which from what I’ve gathered uses rhubarb or prune jam, but I think lingonberry jam works perfectly here too.
This first time I made it, I served it with vanilla sauce (using Bird’s Custard Powder).
It’s good with whipped cream, or ice cream or plain.
It’s also one of those pies that tastes better the next day – I call them ‘next day pies’

Pie Oatmeal Pie

Strawberry Icebox Cake II

Icebox Cake

I woke up this morning, looked outside my window and missed summer – for a brief moment, I longed for strawberries and daylight beyond 4pm.
I saw some pale-looking strawberries at the store this afternoon, and was almost tempted to get a few to make strawberry icebox cake.
I wish we had an abundance of strawberries in the winter.
I’m bringing dessert for a dinner on Christmas Eve and I still haven’t figured what I’m going to make.
The strawberry icebox cake still looks promising, except I feel it’s a summer dessert.
The last time I made icebox cake was back in August, and I used digestive biscuits that time.


Envy Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble & Ice Cream

Every summer, if we’re lucky we get a shipment of apples and kiwis from New Zealand; this is one of the many little things that make my summers so awesome.
This year’s bounty arrived just as we were getting ready to head for the Sunshine Coast for a few days,
We packed our little cooler with apples and kiwis, gave some away to friends and neighbours, and for the next few days we snacked on apples and kiwis and tossed some in salads and smoothies.

Apples & Kiwis Basketful

For the past few years we’ve been getting Envy apples, a newer variety of apples from Enza.
I first wrote about Envy apples back in 2009, and a few years of eating them – they’ve become my utterly favourite kind of apple.
It’s available in limited quantities in grocery stores, so it’s really a treat whenever I get my hands on some.
Envy is bright red, big, crisp, and perfectly sweet; and resistant to browning.
It’s obviously an ‘eating’ apple, but with that many apples I had to try it in some recipe of some sort.

Envy Apples

I love crumble, it’s such a simple and versatile dessert, it’s my quick and easy go-to dessert for when I want to use up my too many fruits.
This Envy apple crumble has a few of my favourite snack items; dried mango and flakes of toasted coconuts.
I also added a few slices of kiwi… just because.
There isn’t really a recipe for this crumble, but here’s a very good recipe I use as a guide for all my crumbles.
I use coconut oil for that warm distinctive coconut flavour.
This crumble barely stuck around!

Apple & Kiwi Crumble Topping
Apple & Kiwi Crumble Topped
214/365 Apple Crumble, Ice Cream & Blueberries #mostly365

Mango Glazed Cake

Mango Cake

Most people who know me (and I’m not talking about my 600 friends on facebook!) know that I’m a bit of a wallflower.
Well, maybe a lot.
It took me a little while to accept this, but it turns out I don’t mind being a loner.
I wouldn’t know what I’d do with myself if suddenly I were ‘the life of the party’
Unlike this mango-glazed cake, I mean look at it…. It’s so bright and so yellow!
It really stands out, definitely not a wallflower.
I finished glazing this cake and thought to myself “this cake is like the antithesis of who I am, but I love it!”

Yellow Cake Mango Glaze Cake

This cake isn’t just glazed with mango, it has bits of mango in it – I used dried mango pieces.
It’s a lovely light cake; I doubled the amount of glaze the recipe called for because I couldn’t get enough of the tart sweetness.
The recipe is from My Diverse Kitchen, I followed the recipe exactly except swap out one or two ingredients; ground flax seed for eggs, and coconut milk with apple cider vinegar for buttermilk.

Mango Cake Batter Baked - Mango Cake

Yellow Cake Cake Slice

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