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Falling Over

Thu 11 Aug ~ 9

There are certain moments in life so perfect I wish I could will time to stand still or slow it down a bit.
Sadly, I don’t always recognize these moments until they’ve passed; then I spend a great deal of my time in yearning.
I’m in a bit of denial, I’m still not over my vacation – my suitcase sits next to my bed, unpacked, as if any moment now I’d be heading out on a great adventure.
It doesn’t help that I’ve been unwell, I’ve been down with a terrible cold or whatever nasty bug that’s been going around.
I don’t know if this happens to other people too, but there’s something about being sick with a cold that makes your mind wonder, maybe it’s the change in routine, or perhaps the fever.
Life suddenly becomes less hurried, and all you do is lie in bed spent, with time to ponder.
And in wondering, it came to me… those moments need cherishing.

Thu 11 Aug ~ 5 Thu 11 Aug ~ 4

The Happy Season

Tue 9 Aug ~ 7

My heart sank a little this morning when I saw a woman wearing a cardigan over her dress.
It was barely a month ago when summer begun around here, so I’m a little reluctant to accept its inevitable end.
I told someone recently of a certain sense of spontaneity that takes us over during the warmer season.
I feel we’re happier and perhaps kinder to each other…
I call it the happy season.

Tue 9 Aug ~ 8 Tue 9 Aug ~ 9

Like the day I wore this dress, I met an older couple while waiting in line at the coffee shop, they thought I looked like their daughter who’d moved away to Montreal.
I was intrigued because I rarely get that, the man showed me a cell phone picture of the daughter and all I saw was a girl with sad eyes who had a dress like mine on.
I looked at the parents and realized that they probably miss their child, so I joined them for coffee.
I listened to them talk about this stranger; a daughter who made their eyes sparkle, whose antics made them laugh, and it made me laugh.
And though I believed I was doing this for them, it was a little for me too…
And that’s the wonder of summer.

Tue 9 Aug ~ 1 Tue 9 Aug ~ 5
Outfit Details: Dress – Cheap Monday | Shirt – The Gap | Shoes – Fluevog | Bag – Massimo Dutti

Summertime’s in Bloom

Wed 6 Jul ~ 5
I’ve just had one of those days; the kind they make songs about, yet somehow being out in the sun kind of makes up for it.
Someone once told me that there are no bad days in summer, and I’m beginning to understand this – like I had a wonderful weekend, but you wouldn’t know from all the awful things that happened to me.

On my way to a picnic that I was already two hours late for, I managed to spill scalding coffee all over my dress.
Then I had to walk 2.8km to the lake carrying a ridiculously heavy cooler full of ice and drinks because we couldn’t find parking.
I spent the rest of the day basking in the sun, happily wearing my morning coffee – summer does that to you

Wed 6 Jul ~ 8 Wed 6 Jul ~ 3
Summer is about my favourite things, like this dress – which I wear way too much.
I would probably get them in different colours if they came in different colours… and wear them throughout summertime.
Summer was a little late getting here, and it won’t last forever so it’s important to get the most out of it, before it turns grey and cold again.
So even typical Mondays are special in summer.

Wed 6 Jul ~ 4
Outfit Details: Dress – Uniqlo +J | Sandals – Camper | Bag – Massimo Dutti | Belt – from another dress

Vintage Blue

Looking through my recent blog posts, I realize that I haven’t done an outfit post in a while.

Tue 17 May ~ 7

I have a friend (who doesn’t?); he’s one of those blunt, says-it-like-he-sees-it types.
We probably still wouldn’t be friends if we didn’t live thousands of miles away from each other, but he’s a dear friend, he makes me laugh and I love him very much.
He sent me an email a few days ago saying “I see you’re not posting pictures of yourself anymore. Why, did you get fat from all that food you’ve been cooking?”
Frankly, food shots are more fun than outfit shots, and look less egotistic.

Tue 17 May ~ 2 Tue 17 May ~ 1

That said, I still love taking outfit pictures, because it continues to be fun and I actually enjoy it (who wouldn’t? all I have to do is just stand there).
I just switched over my summer wardrobe, and if the warm weather sticks around for a bit, I should be out there taking some fun pictures.
So here’s an outfit post; of my favourite vintage blue dress – I got this dress in le Marais last year on my last day on vacation.
It was one of those perfect days, and I still had a million final things to do, I made a little detour and found this dress.

Tue 17 May ~ 10

It was blue, vintage and polyester – I was drawn to it, it reminded me of an old black and white picture I’d seen of my great aunt.
She had a similar dress on and in the picture, she looked so young, innocent and happy; and with that image in mind I knew I had to have that dress.


I wrote a great long post but then I spent the rest of my evening trying to find the perfect pair of glasses online.
After my eye-doctor’s appointment this past weekend, I’m ready to let go of my granny glasses, and perhaps move on to some hipster-ish ones.
I found a pair and ordered them, they’ll be here in a week or so – alas the great long post will have to be posted another day.
Here are some pictures instead;

Fri 6 May ~5 Fri 6 May ~3

Happy summer! Here’s to a summer so bright, we’ll wear sunglasses indoors and it would seem perfectly normal.