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Trader Joe’s Salt Water Taffy


IMG_9463 IMG_9471

I’m not sure how this happened, but suddenly it’s not enough that I just buy candy anymore, I feel like I need an excuse – perhaps it’s adult guilt.
I didn’t even think I liked salt water taffy before I found these at Trader Joe’s, and now I keep sneaking them.
They come in cherry; my favourite, strawberry banana, red liquorice, sour apple and watermelon.
I keep having to come up with excuses to buy them every time I make the trip to Trader Joe’s.


I got a few bags for ‘Christmas’, then for ‘Valentine’s Day’ and then last weekend as I was perusing the aisles at TJ’s, I couldn’t think of an occasion (excuse) to get another bag this time.
Then I thought of it… a Mad Men / Game of Thrones viewing party!
Surely, that’s worth celebrating with candy!
I couldn’t bring myself eat all that candy on Sunday night, since I was ready for bed and had already brushed my teeth (yes, I’ve evidently become a boring adult).
So we cued up the DVR Monday after work, drank white wine with salt water taffy, and sang along to Zou Bisou Bisou afterwards.
Now I can’t get the damn song out of my head!

365/365 Salt Water Taffy #mostly365

Smoked Trout & Rice Wrap

I need to go down south this weekend to replenish my Trader Joe’s stash.
The closest Trader Joe’s is about an hour away from me, and then there’s the little issue of it being in another country altogether, so who knows how long the line-ups are at the border.

Trader Joe's Canned Trout
Smoked Trout Trout Wrap

I try to go every month with a long list; I get everything from nut butters to an assortment of teas – lately I’ve added canned smoked trout to this list.
I first read about it on The Kitchn and the reviews were so great it had to go on my list.
It really is a time saver when you need to put a quick meal together.

Trout & Rice

Here’s an easy dinner I put together one Wednesday night when we got home hungry, with almost nothing to eat.
All we had were leftover jollof rice, sundried tomato wrap and a can of smoked trout.
These wraps from Indian Life are amazing and huge; my favourites are sundried-tomatoes and spinach.
A generous heaping of rice and some trout, I didn’t’ t bother with anything else, it was simple, perfect and satisfying.
I love it when dinner practically makes itself.

Trout on Top
Dinner Trout & Rice Wrap

Wednesday Chocolate Break

Hazelnuts Wheels

I love these chocolate bars just for their retro automobile artwork – how cool are they?
It’s pretty good chocolate too, Belgian chocolate made with real cocoa butter.
It’s made by Starbrook Airlines (it’s an imaginary airline), with art illustrations by Jaak De Koninck.
Some of his oil and watercolour paintings can be see at the Brussels Airport.
According to the company’s website their chocolates are produced in a semi-artisan way.
And they’re adherents of the ‘Belgian Chocolate Code’ this could also be an imaginary code, but like I said, it’s good chocolate.


Don’t they seem like the perfect bar for a road trip?
With its nostalgic renderings of cars, planes and airline travel.
I got a few this afternoon for my mini road trip this weekend


Urban Fare on Alberni (next to the Shangri-La) carries these, the Dan-D Pak store on Broadway has them too.

Curious Product: Les Anis de Flavigny

Les Anis de Flavigny

I’ve become addicted to these little drops. As far as addictions go, it’s pretty harmless.
I guess I probably won’t admit it if I had serious addition problems.

So anyway, Les Anis de Flavigny are the most delectable little candies ever.


There were first produced in the 8th century by monks.
The candy is still made in the same ancient abbey of Flavigny.

Les Anis de Flavigny

It’s anise seed coated in sugar, and it’s simply delicious.
It takes an amazing fifteen days to complete the coating process and only the best natural ingredients are used.
It has just the right hint of mint with a touch of rose flavour.


I get them by the stacks from the Italian store.
They come in these very cute old-fashioned tin, I use the tins for all sorts of handy things afterwards.

Rose Drops

Curious Product: Trader Joe’s Macarons

Chocolate & Vanilla Macarons from Trader Joe's

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know that I’m slightly obsessed with Parisian macarons.
Seriously, my life changed after I tasted Pierre Hermé’s magnificent macarons last September.
I’ve had plenty a macarons since then looking to capture that glorious taste, and so far, non have come close.
I spent a small fortune at the tea shop, their macarons are shipped straight from Paris but they obviously aren’t shipping from Pierre Hermé or Ladurée

A wise man once told me in frustration that if you wanted good fufu, you went to a good chop-bar in Kumasi.
After various failed attempts to find that perfect macaron here in my fair city, I said; touché.

Vanilla & Chocolate
Looks like I’m going to have to go back to Paris!

12 Macarons

Yet, when I saw these macarons at Trader Joe’s for $4.99 a dozen, I just couldn’t pass up on them.
Of course I wasn’t expecting mind blowing macarons, I don’t even know what ‘mind blowing macarons’ are anymore.


The Trader Joe’s macarons come frozen in a box, there are two flavours, vanilla and chocolate – six of each.
For store-bought frozen macarons, they are ok.
The vanilla ones are lighter and crumbly, maybe crispy; the filling is soft and very sweet.
The chocolate is a firmer with a ganache filling which gives it a fuller flavour.

You obviously can’t compare them to the real deal, but they’ll do in a pinch.