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Almond Chickpea Flour Cookies

Almond and Chickpea Flour Cookies Almond and Chickpea Flour Cookies

I really like these cookies! I think about them sometimes in the most inopportune times – like while walking through the fog this morning.

We were awoken by foghorns today; it went off persistently every few minutes until it forced me out of bed, and as the sun shone through the fog on my way to work I figured we were in for the most perfect of winter days; sunny, bright with crisp chilly air and brilliant blue skies.

I thought of how much I’d love to have a winter picnic… perhaps of hot cocoa and cookies, and how ideal these almond chickpea flour cookies would be.

Almond and Chickpea Flour Cookies Almond and Chickpea Flour Cookies by Elsa Brobbey

This is probably the first cookie recipe I ever pinned, yet I only started making them quite recently, and I’ve made them several times since.

It’s delicate and crunchy, the kind of cookie you would crumble over ice cream – if you were into that sort of thing.

I like these cookies a lot!

The first time I made them was an experiment of sorts; I substituted fine-ground white cornmeal for semolina because that was what I had around at the moment, it worked so perfectly I haven’t yet used semolina like the original recipe called for.


They are a lot like these almond butter cookies, another favourite… both are almond based, gluten free and of course vegan – these however are a little airier with a subtle fragrance of cardamom.

Chickpea flour also adds sweet nuttiness and a good boost of protein, which isn’t typical of cookies.

The cookies in the photos are from a month ago when we were in the throes of the holiday season, I was eager to use my new Christmas present, a cookie press. It was a trying endeavour… some shapes more so than others but they turned out well (I think).

I feel I should caution against the temptation to taste the dough before it’s baked as raw chickpeas tastes not too pleasant.

Something wonderful happens when they’re baked though, and you can’t really tell that these cookies have chickpeas in them.

IMG_8470 IMG_8483

IMG_8497 IMG_8787

Custard Shortbreads

Custard Shortbreads

When my last tin of Bird’s Custard Powder was nearing its use-by date, I scoured the internet looking for different ways to use it up quickly, which is how I found these custard shortbreads.

I’m so glad I found them, they’re quick and easy to make, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, now I’m kind of sad I ran out of custard powder – I need an excuse to get another tin, because I want to make these over and over again.

Custard Shortbreads Custard Shortbreads
Custard Shortbreads Custard Shortbreads

I recently made a batch for my friend K’s dad to take on his flight back home to the UK, he loved them so much (or appreciated the gesture), he’s promised me a large tin of custard powder when he’s coming back this summer.

The cookies are similar to these Christmas time cookies, with custard powder instead of almond meal, the texture is a little bit more airy and delicate, and the taste is lighter.

They make the perfect snack-time treat, and I’m in love with their bright yellow colour.

Custard Shortbreads Custard Shortbreads

Custard Shortbread Custard Shortbreads

Pistachio and Fig Thumbprint Cookies

Fig and Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies

“It doesn’t feel like Christmas” I think out loud watching fat globs of rain slide down the window, it’s dark outside, on what feels like the greyest day.
K. slides the window open, sniffs the air and declares “It doesn’t smell like Christmas either!”

And what does Christmas smell like? I don’t know… Pine and falling snowflakes, the lingering smell of warm cookies, crackling fireplaces and mulling spices…
It’s also the smell of the dry harmattan wind and the countless trips through the Akuapim ranges to my grandmother’s. There’s the smell of jollof over an open fire and my grandmother’s baking… all these things encapsulates the smell of Christmas for me.

A few Christmases ago, when we had a rare and enchanting white Christmas, @adjoa swore she could smell joy in the crisp air. I knew exactly what she meant; it’s that same feeling I get when I bake, it reminds me of my grandmother’s cakes at Christmas time and that makes me happy.

Fig and Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies Fig and Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies

We’re counting down to Christmas, but there’s no urgency here, we have a cute advent calendar and a ‘baking list’; on it, are recipes for cookies, cakes, pies and galettes.

First on our list are these pistachio and fig thumbprint cookies; we’ll probably make a few more batches before the holidays are over. They’re my favourite cookies right now, and everyone loves them – they’re vegan and gluten-free (I use ‘gluten-free oats’).

Fig and Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies Fig and Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies
Fig and Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies Fig and Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies

The oats and pistachios, I grind myself using a food processor, I’ve used raw and roasted pistachios, both work but I prefer raw pistachios, the roasted ones are a but drying. I get the almond meal from the store, but I can easily make that too.

For the holidays I use spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger for the wonderful smells and flavours of the season.

I grab a couple of the cookies, with a steaming cup of hot cocoa, watch the twinkling lights and patiently, very patiently wait for Christmas morning.
Oh, there’ll be more baking in between – delightful scones and shortbread cookies, decadent cakes and luscious sweet pies. I’m creating more cosy holiday smells for my memory bank.

Divine Chocolate Advent Calendar Fig and Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies
Fig and Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies Fig and Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies

Fig and Pistachio Thumbprint Cookies

Almond Flour Cookies with Almond Butter and Pistachios


I’m going on vacation in a week, and while I’m looking forward to getting away and the anticipated fun, I’m dreading the ‘getting there’ part. Time at the airport, the long flight and other contingencies make me a little wary.
This year I’ve decided to bring my own food for the trip; nothing fancy, perhaps a bento box filled with pakoras, hand pies and maybe some cookies, that’s if I can get it past airport security (fingers crossed).

For the cookies, I’m debating making these lovelies… almond flour cookies with almond butter and pistachios, I don’t make them often because they’re a little calorie dense, but I really, really love them!

I starting making them for my friend M‘s little one, who is sensitive to gluten; the little guy hates most of the packaged glutten-free stuff, but these, he just gobbles up. I guess it’s because these cookies are a bit different.

See, these cookies are naturally gluten free, no substitutions necessary; they’re made with almond flour, almond butter and sweetened with maple syrup. They’re nutty, crispy, decadent and addictive.

IMG_3324 Almond Flour Cookies

I use packaged ground almond for convenience, but I’m thinking it’s probably just as easy (and economical) to grind your own.
I tend to alternate between using chunky and smooth almond butter, I like them both, each is a little different.
The pistachios were an afterthought, the original recipe had chocolate chips, which are awesome, but I prefer the soft buttery taste of pistachios in these cookies, plus they make them wholesome.
I bake mine thin and crunchy sometimes for crumbling over coconut milk ice cream for dessert, it’s so very decadent!

They certainly feel like the kind of indulgence I’d appreciate in a dark cramped cabin thousands of feet in the air, halfway through the trip somewhere over Greenland…

IMG_3321 IMG_3339


White Chocolate Chip Nutella Cookies


I’ve been trying to write this post for about a week now, not because it’s special or hard, or that I couldn’t come up with the words to go with the pictures.
Blame summer!
Summer finally hit us here and we’ve been basking in sunshine these last few days; and every night just before I turn in, blissfully tired and content – I’d remember that I forgot to blog.

Meanwhile these cookies are so long gone… this just reminds me that I need to make more soon.
These cookies usually come about when I have an opened jar of Nutella that’s been hanging around for far too long.
I make them with a bit of banana, vanilla, turbinado sugar, and white chocolate chips to up the decadence.
They bake crispy, chewy in the middle and crackly on the surface.

IMG_0198 IMG_0247
IMG_0234 IMG_0275


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