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Coffee Journal | Rocanini Roasters, Steveston

Rocanini Cafe, Steveston

Rocanini Cafe, Steveston

While browsing through photos of some of the delightful coffee shops I’d like to feature on my coffee journal series, it dawned on me that I wouldn’t be able to include some of my favourite coffee shops because I don’t have pretty pictures to show.

These are coffee shops I … Continue Reading...

Coffee and Doughnuts


Some things are better together; milk and cereal for instance, or a warm bowl of soup on a cold rain-soaked day, and perhaps coffee and doughnuts?

I’m not exactly a doughnut person but I’ve been meaning to check out 49th Parallel and their doughnut venture, Lucky’s Doughnuts ever since I … Continue Reading...

Coffee at Thomas Haas Chocolates

Thomas Haas Chocolates

I’m not even trying for dramatic effect when I say that I’ve been meaning to go to Thomas Haas for years!

Seriously, I’ve wanted to visit the café since the first location opened in 2005, back then I used to buy Thomas Haas chocolate bars at the Whole Foods in … Continue Reading...