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Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas is my favourite holiday – I love everything about it, the preparations, the giddiness and the anticipation leading up to the day, the carols and the adorable twinkly lights.

I love that we’re a little compassionate during this season, and I love that I get to spend the day in my PJs, be merry and spend quality time with my very favourite people.

Christmas 2013
IMG_8590 IMG_8644

There’s always a peaceful quietness I relish about Christmas day, as always, our day was super relaxed and cozy.
We slept in, ate spiced banana cake with tea and shared a delightful moment hanging out and opening presents.

For Christmas 2013 we decided on dinner instead of the breakfast/brunch we normally do.

We had a little feast of wild rice salad with dried fruits and nuts, lentils baked in pastry (lentils en croute), a simple balsamic vinegar roasted fennel and cilantro and cranberry sauces to go with it.

Dessert was a citrus and ginger bûche de Noël from one of our favourite bakeries.

I loved the rustic simplicity of our meal and maybe next time we’ll do some baked salmon for the pescetarians.

I hope you had a magical and merry Christmas! :-)

IMG_8548 IMG_8651
IMG_8571 IMG_8566

But wait, there’re some more photos from our Christmas Day… !

Scenes from a Christmas Morning


Happy New Year, dear reader; here’s to a year filled with peace, joy, laughter, success and all the wonderful things you desire.
I’m excited for this new year, starting with good intentions, promise and hope for lasting change.
Although, I’m going to miss the magical few weeks I spent at home savouring the splendour of the holidays. I hope your holiday was magical and relaxing too.
On Christmas morning we baked a lovely blueberry lemon loaf (recipe coming soon), brewed coffee in our new Chemex (more on this soon) and tea – and had breakfast while exchanging presents.
The laughter and conversation flowed late into the afternoon… one of those rare merry moments I wish could last forever.

And here are some…’scenes from a Christmas morning’


IMG_8245 IMG_8272

IMG_8107 IMG_8102

IMG_8270 IMG_8174

IMG_8112 IMG_8280
IMG_8263 IMG_8158

IMG_8227 IMG_8237

IMG_8241 IMG_8250

Merry Christmas!



Happy Christmas Cookies


My grandmother was an amazing baker, and even though in the short time that I knew her she only baked at Christmas time, there were telltale signs of a lifetime past spent baking.
There was the wood-fired clay oven that sat under a tarp next to her home, and then there were the stories…
My grandmother’s baking was just a part of Christmas as the church on the hill on Christmas morning.
The smell of freshly baked loaves of cakes and bread is like a nostalgic embrace, could this perhaps be the reason I’m hooked on baking?
Baking is a cathartic exercise for me, especially around Christmas when it bears more meaning.
The first cookies I baked for the season were these Italian wedding cookies; it has many other names – Mexican wedding cookies, Russian tea cakes or polvorones, I call them Happy Christmas cookies.


Delicate, crumbly and rich, with a nutty buttery flavour, and dusted in powdered sugar, you can’t help but think of snow…
They’re truly perfect for the holidays, and smell divine while baking.
There are many variations to this cookie and perhaps why there are so many names for it. This version uses very few ingredients; ground almonds, butter, flour and powdered sugar.
Kept in an airtight container they’ll last for about a week, although they might not last that long… if you know what I mean ☺


Rejoice, Rejoice…

I don’t think we really had any Christmas traditions growing up.
There were those Christmases at my grandma’s when I was little; joyous and precious moments that has forever shaped what Christmas means to me. I do consider those tradition.

IMG_6974 IMG_6981

Last weekend when we were putting up the Christmas decorations, I realized that it’s become somewhat of a tradition – somewhere along the way I’d picked up some traditions of my own.
The tree usually goes up on the first weekend in December; we brought the boxes of decorations up from storage over the weekend.


The fun is in getting everyone to corporate, deciding what goes where, and the memories that comes with a few special ornaments.
And I, I’m always on hand with snacks; I made Italian wedding cookies, the unofficial cookie of Christmas – I’m not sure why they’re called wedding cookies.
I’m in charge of music too, I love Christmas songs, especially the hymns I used to sing when I was a child.
I had Enya’s ‘And Winter Came’ album playing and every time ‘O Come O Come Emmanuel’ came on, we sang along reminiscently.
It’s one of my very favourite Christmas songs
And as the wonderful smell of cookies filled our tiny space, with soothing music playing in the background as we hung ornaments on the old tree I knew that this was a tradition I hoped to keep.

IMG_6973 IMG_6971

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