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White & Blue

I had plans this week; I was going to take a lot of pictures outdoors – of cherry blossoms, blue skies and brilliant architecture.
I should have checked the weather forecast, it’s been raining so far, but not in a dreary and depressing way.
It a comforting kind of rain, carrying still the promise of spring, yet I could have sworn it’s gotten colder.

Thu 17 Mar - 1 Thu 17 Mar - 3

I think this is a great transitional outfit, it straddles winter and spring.
It certainly works for all seasons…
I got the dress a couple of summers ago when I was determined to wear dresses only, of course, I couldn’t follow through.
I brought the dress with me on vacation and wore it to Paris, and wandered Bond Street in that same dress the next day.


I put dress away when I returned home, until recently when it jumped out at me one morning when I was looking for something decent to wear to work.
Wearing it again brought such wonderful memories, sometimes it’s the simple things…
The white shirt is a Christmas gift from 2006, remember when the shirtdress was in?
I guess it’s still in.

Thu 17 Mar - 8 Thu 17 Mar - 7
Outfit Details: Dress – Joe Fresh | Shirt – New York & Company | Tights – Roots | Boots – Browns | Belt – Joe Fresh

The Little Black Dress

IMG_8353 IMG_8354
Every time I wear this dress, which isn’t often – I wonder why I don’t wear it regularly.
The LDB, except technically it’s not black, it’s navy blue and a little more casual and relaxed.
I’m getting a little tired of winter, our version of winter has been a mish mash of cold and balmy days with rain as the constant.
It slushed (a mixture of snow and rain) this morning and I wasn’t looking forward to wearing boots again.
I’ve probably worn boots everyday for the past two months – it’s getting old.

IMG_8358 IMG_8351
This is an outfit I threw together when I was having one of those days; you know one of those days when you’re convinced you have nothing to wear?
I had a few minutes to get ready, I’d be ridiculously late for work otherwise.
The dress, the cardigan, the tights and the boots were quick.
The necklace are imperfect freshwater pearls, I found them at a Chinese tea and jewelery shop, I was drawn to their unconventional beauty.
IMG_8340 IMG_8336
Outfit Details: Dress – Holt Renfrew, Cardigan – Gap (fall ’06), Tights – Hue, Boots – Feet First

Day Off & Those Boots

I was off sick from work today.
I woke up this morning feeling a little off, and with all the sick people around me it seemed a good idea to take things easy and get some rest.
I spent the day watching a combination daytime tv and catching up on Sons of Anarchy season 3, and of course lots of naps and liquids.
In the end I felt I’d wasted the day so I thought about going for a long walk… but sense prevailed.

I figured I hadn’t done an outfit post in a while so here it goes…

Mon 31 May 10 - 2 Mon 31 May 10 - 4
These are from last year, seems like such a long time ago already.
I still have outfit photos from months ago waiting to be processed.
It was a cold rainy day in May, May will roll around again soon.

Mon 31 May 10 - 5 Mon 31 May 10 - 10
Outfit Details: Jacket – can’t remember, Tunic – Urban Outfitters, Leggings – Uniqlo, Boots – Simply Vera, Belt – Joe Fresh

Mon 31 May 10 - 8 Mon 31 May 10 - 3


I have about two months worth of pictures waiting to be processed.
I simply can’t keep up – I’ve decided I’m going to plough through them this weekend and process only the ones I like.
Seriously, I’m still on pictures from May, with the way I’m going, I’ll probably be posting bikini photos in December.

Tue 18 May - 9

I love these pictures! Not because I think they’re any good or that I look particularly fetching in them (I’ve always wanted to use the word ‘fetching’ in that context :-) )
I love these pictures because I got direction on how to pose and location suggestions from random people in the street.
I love my neighbourhood so much for that!

Tue 18 May - 6 Tue 18 May - 5
Outfit details: Vest – The Gap, Polka Dot Blouse – Modcloth, Skinnies – Uniqlo, Boots – Camper

If you’ve ever met me in real life, you probably know that I’m a little shy; this unfortunately makes me come off as cold – which I’m totally not.
So anyway, the fact that I’m out there every day, standing there awkwardly posing and having my picture taken is quite the daring stretch for me.
I don’t always smile at passersby, and I tense up when people or cars go by, I try not to draw too much attention to myself, especially when I’m making a spectacle of myself.

Tue 18 May - 1

Take this picture for instance, an old couple suggested that I try some shots by that blooming plant, so I crossed over to the other side of the street.
And I’m glad I did, because this is one of my favourites of the set, I call it ‘it’s a match!’
I’ve met more of my neighbours doing this than in the almost eight years I’ve lived here.

Here’s hoping that I can catch up on getting some of these uploaded soon, because I’ve also taken a few shots of and with my neighbours and I need to get these pictures to them before it takes embarrassingly too long.