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  • Peach Crisp

    This is a crisp we make often, an easy dessert that is also decadent and comforting.

  • Cherry Pie

    I made my first cherry pie from the cherries we brought home from our road trip. It was also the first pie I’d ever baked!

  • Oatmeal and Chocolate Breakfast Cookies

    These cookies are a fairly healthful treat, packed with oats, applesauce, almond butter, dried fruit and chocolate, I feel a little less guilty starting my day with these and my favourite.

  • Almond, Raisin and Basil Soda Bread

    There are a great many variations of soda bread, but this almond, raisin and basil soda bread is the kind I make often, it’s nutty, fruity and herby.

  • Lemon and Raisin Oat Scones

    It’s my go-to recipe for homemade scones. I love them for their texture and heartiness; the main ingredients are whole-wheat flour and oats, and a little bit of lemon to brighten them up.