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Vectorial Elevation

You probably don’t want to read another post of how I’m busy and what not, and frankly I don’t want to write about it anymore.
So I was looking through my photostream this afternoon, I tend to do that when I’m overwhelmed – I step away, take a breather and I find that I’m not as stressed anymore.

Vectorial Elevation

Vectorial Elevation

Can you believe that I have over 13,000 pictures on flickr?

I know!

Don’t go looking at them though, most of them are crap.

Vectorial Elevation


But, look what I found… photos of the Vectorial Elevation, it seems so surreal seeing them now, because life has returned to normal and it looks like this happened someplace else.
I can’t wait to show these to my great nieces and nephews when I’m old and grey, telling them of the time when lights transformed the sky above the city.

Vectorial Elevation

Vectorial Elevation

I’d tell them about how every night, we’d all walk down to the beach and watch the lights work its magic in the sky.
They’d look at me; eyes confused and ask “why?” – they wouldn’t understand, electricity is different in the future.

Vectorial Elevation

I’d tell them it was art, it was fun and it was cool
They’d look even more confused and ask “What is ‘cool’?, Grandma E.”

Vectorial Elevation

I’d sit back in my rocking chair looking longingly into space, wondering when their parents would return from their vacation – to Neptune.

Weekends, Finales & Old Photos

I just got back from my long weekend of beautiful scenic train rides, wild discoveries and relaxing times.
I came home, shut myself in and watched the LOST finale – I was happy with the way things ended, I even cried a little.
While I’m working on the pictures from this weekend, I’m posting these pictures from February.
Hope you like them…

Sochi House

Sat 27 Feb - 1 Sat 27 Feb - 4


Sat 27 Feb - 5 Sat 27 Feb - 6

Aussie House

Sat 27 Feb - 7 Sat 27 Feb - 10


Pictures of Days Gone By

These pictures were taken on the last day of the Olympics.
Minutes before the closing ceremony and moments before Canada just barely beat the US to take gold in hockey.
It was a tense game, the hockey-types called it one of the best games ever.
The streets were electrifying, the kind of patriotism I saw on the streets was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.
I think we’ll be talking about it for years.


On a Hood


I'm Sexy

The Others



Ms Canada

Hands Up

Our Game

High Five





Howe St

Zip Flag


You can see the the rest of the photos here

Last Days of Winter

We had balmy weather today; for the first time in a long time I didn’t need a jacket.

I think I may have broken a sweat on my way home.

Fri 12 Feb - 1 Fri 12 Feb - 3

These pictures are actually from months ago… during the Olympics, when it was relatively cold.

As we had to bundle up as such.

Fri 12 Feb - 4 Fri 12 Feb - 2

My goal initially was to wear something red or Canadiana for every day of the games –

It was fun at first but I soon found it a dull and laborious task.

Fri 12 Feb - 5 Fri 12 Feb - 6

The start of warm reminds me that it’s time for a spring cleaning… packing away warm weather clothes and bringing out light airy dresses.

I’m going to miss this comfy warm sweater dress, it’s from Joe Fresh Style, the turtleneck is from Romy, the cable-knit tights are Roots and the boots are Volatile Mechanic.

I wore this outfit to go cheer on the Olympic Flame in Gastown.

Fruits, nuts, tuna salad...

Other things I miss today; bento lunches, I used to make beautiful food.

Odds & Bits

Art Gallery

I hurried home from work on Friday to catch the opening ceremony of the 2010 Paralympics on TV.

It was a lovely and inspiring show; I look forward to the next two weeks

The Paralympics are going to be a mellow and calmer affair than what the Olympics were


I’m sure this image has been making its round on the internet.

The boss sent this in an email; the first picture is Granville Street on the last day of the Olympics and the one beneath is Granville Street a week later.

Pretty amazing huh?

One other thing to come out of the Olympics is this video for Haiti recorded in Vancouver during games.

A group of Canadian artists dubbed Young Artist for Haiti recorded K’naan’s Wavin’ Flag.

Proceeds from the song will go to Free The Children, War Child Canada and World Vision Canada.

Here’s where you go to find out more about getting the single and contributing towards a worthy cause.

PS: I have a picture and video heavy post coming soon from the K’naan concert last month.