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Photos of Our Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

This was our first sunny Christmas day in as long as l can remember, crisp and bright and full of possibility.

We were tempted to spend the day outside, but instead we pulled back the curtains, let the sun in and spent a relaxing day inside.

We slept in and opened our presents late; for breakfast, we drank hot chocolate with thick slices of panettone slathered with butter, and snacked on chocolaty Belgian cookies and oranges throughout the day.

Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Ours was a lovely Christmas, filled with good food, wonderful people and lots of laughter and lounging.

We ate dinner early, stuffing ourselves with cardamom rice with caramelized onions, spiced Puy lentils and Aleppo pepper blackened wild salmon.

We tried jade pearl rice for the first time and adapted (very, very loosely) the caramelized onion & cardamom rice recipe from the Jerusalem cookbook – it’s a beautifully aromatic and delicious one-pot dish.

We bought the lentilles du Puy months ago from a shop around rue Montorgueil in Paris, and brought it home specially for this dinner; and the salmon is from the waters around Parksville Qualicum Beach here in BC.

The food was spectacular, prepared by @pearlsa who continually manages to turn the humblest of ingredients into a nourishing and delightful fare.

Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014
Christmas 2014 Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

Thankfully, I have more time this week to relax, catch up on my sleep, reflect and look forward to the fresh New Year.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few fun photos of our Christmas 2014…

I hope you’re having a wonderful and joy-filled festive time, that you’re spending time with loved ones and there’s plenty of laughter and delicious food.

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014

More photos of our Christmas 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas is my favourite holiday – I love everything about it, the preparations, the giddiness and the anticipation leading up to the day, the carols and the adorable twinkly lights.

I love that we’re a little compassionate during this season, and I love that I get to spend the day in my PJs, be merry and spend quality time with my very favourite people.

Christmas 2013
IMG_8590 IMG_8644

There’s always a peaceful quietness I relish about Christmas day, as always, our day was super relaxed and cozy.
We slept in, ate spiced banana cake with tea and shared a delightful moment hanging out and opening presents.

For Christmas 2013 we decided on dinner instead of the breakfast/brunch we normally do.

We had a little feast of wild rice salad with dried fruits and nuts, lentils baked in pastry (lentils en croute), a simple balsamic vinegar roasted fennel and cilantro and cranberry sauces to go with it.

Dessert was a citrus and ginger bûche de Noël from one of our favourite bakeries.

I loved the rustic simplicity of our meal and maybe next time we’ll do some baked salmon for the pescetarians.

I hope you had a magical and merry Christmas! :-)

IMG_8548 IMG_8651
IMG_8571 IMG_8566

But wait, there’re some more photos from our Christmas Day… !

Scenes from Around Here: Whytecliff Park


Reason #286 why I love summers Vancouver – Whytecliff Park; the sun, the rocky beaches and the magnificent views…
Summer around these parts makes the other miserable nine months almost bearable, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be!

“Whytecliff Park (15.63 hectares in size) is located in a beautiful corner of Howe Sound with a rugged coastline and spectacular views of colourful mountains and passing boats. The waters off the Park became Canada’s first Salt Water Marine Protected Area (MPA) in 1993 and are now famous for its incredible underwater diving. Five hectares (12.3 acres) of this park contains a playground, picnic spots, a swimming beach, tennis courts and an observation pavilion from which to admire the stunning views.”

The promise of sun and higher temperatures this weekend has me dreaming of summer! Can’t want to relive all this again…


IMG_4294 IMG_4295




Scenes from a Christmas Morning


Happy New Year, dear reader; here’s to a year filled with peace, joy, laughter, success and all the wonderful things you desire.
I’m excited for this new year, starting with good intentions, promise and hope for lasting change.
Although, I’m going to miss the magical few weeks I spent at home savouring the splendour of the holidays. I hope your holiday was magical and relaxing too.
On Christmas morning we baked a lovely blueberry lemon loaf (recipe coming soon), brewed coffee in our new Chemex (more on this soon) and tea – and had breakfast while exchanging presents.
The laughter and conversation flowed late into the afternoon… one of those rare merry moments I wish could last forever.

And here are some…’scenes from a Christmas morning’


IMG_8245 IMG_8272

IMG_8107 IMG_8102

IMG_8270 IMG_8174

IMG_8112 IMG_8280
IMG_8263 IMG_8158

IMG_8227 IMG_8237

IMG_8241 IMG_8250

Scenes From Around Here: Deep Cove

Being out in Deep Cove always feels like a little adventure, there’s just so much to do and discover.
Just a little over ten kilometres from downtown, Deep Cove feels worlds away with its laid-back small town charm, exceptionally scenic views and outdoor recreation.
Deep Cove has hiking, kayaking, rowing and paddleboarding, incredible vistas, quaint shops and restaurants, a museum, ice cream and the best doughnuts!


IMG_3228 IMG_3230

Ice Cream!


IMG_3208 Stream Rocks

Yellow Garden