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  • Coffee Journal | Screaming Beans, Amsterdam

    For this second trip last fall, we got a recommendation for Screaming Beans Coffee Bar then seeing it on this list of 25 Coffee Shops Around The World You Have To See Before You Die cemented our decision to try it.

  • Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

    The tulips were breathtaking; vibrant stretching rows of red, purple, yellow and white flowers as far as the eyes can see, sweep into the fields.

  • ABC Kitchen, New York

    ABC Kitchen espouses the farm-to-table ethos and it shows; the food is excellent, and expertly prepared using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

  • Travelogue | Musée Rodin, Paris

    I completely fell in love with this museum; the spectacular extensive gardens dotted with Rodin’s sculptures, the elegant house with the beautiful bay windows overlooking the grounds and the diverse collection sculptures and paintings.

  • Breakfast at the Heathman, Portland

    Our breakfasts at the Heathman were memorable; the food was consistently delicious, the staff attentive and gracious, and the atmosphere warm and cosy.