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  • Paris Apartment No. 6

    While the apartment’s unique location offered a relaxed and tranquil space away from the busy streets downstairs, we were undoubtedly in the heart of Paris with access to some of the best gastronomy, culture, shopping, etc the city had to offer.

  • Travelogue | Weekend in Seattle

    We spent the rest of the afternoon picnicking at Alki Beach, where we strolled the beach and took in the incredible views of the Seattle skyline.

  • Montreal | A Pictorial Tale

    Montreal is charming, traditional, cosmopolitan and quirky, it’s a city with a strong cultural and historic background.

  • Travelogue | Grand Mosque of Paris

    There are lush gardens and trellises, turquoise fountains, arched walkways and columns with intricately tiled and inscribed walls, decorative carvings and wrought iron windows.