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May 2015

  • Donuts for Breakfast

    I got a box of donuts from there on my way from work a couple of months ago in a bout of spontaneity. Not really being ‘donuts people’, the unique and aromatic flavours were a pleasant surprise, they offer baked, vegan and gluten free varieties too!

  • Spelt Waffles with Rose Water Maple Syrup

    I’ve made these spelt waffles before and liked that it came together quickly, so quickly that you can make several batches at a time and imbue each with a distinct flavour like I’ve done here.
    I added matcha to one batch and beet powder to another, the impact is understated but nice.

  • Coffee Journal | Screaming Beans, Amsterdam

    For this second trip last fall, we got a recommendation for Screaming Beans Coffee Bar then seeing it on this list of 25 Coffee Shops Around The World You Have To See Before You Die cemented our decision to try it.