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The Gardens at Musée Rodin | Elsa Brobbey

The Thinker | Elsa Brobbey The Cathederal | Elsa Brobbey

Hôtel Biron | Elsa Brobbey

I’ve started yet another series on the blog called ‘travelogue’, because I realise that even though I allude in the little blurb on the side that I write about travel, I hardly ever blog about travel anymore unless it involves food.

While food will always be the primary focus here on the Whinery, I’d like to every once in a while share some of the lovely sights I encounter on my voyages in search of food. I hope that is ok.

I’d like to start with a visit to the enchanting Musée Rodin.

Musée Rodin | Elsa Brobbey

The Three Shades | Elsa Brobbey

Hand | Elsa Brobbey

The Grounds at Musée Rodin | Elsa Brobbey

Growing up we were friends with a family whose older son wanted to be a sculptor, but his parents weren’t having any of that, the dad used to argue, “Do you know anyone whose ever made a living as a sculptor?” to which my dad would interject “Michaelangelo and Rodin”; this only seemed to anger the dad more. I guess he wanted more current examples.

I don’t know if the son ever became a sculptor, but I did think about him when I visited the Musée Rodin.

Opened since 1919, the museum is on a quiet street on Paris’ Rive Gauche in the 7th arrondissement.
The museum is located in the impressive Hôtel Biron, where Rodin himself lived for several years.

Musée Rodin | Elsa Brobbey

Letter to Rodin | Elsa Brobbey

I completely fell in love with this museum; the spectacular extensive gardens dotted with Rodin’s sculptures, the elegant house with the beautiful bay windows overlooking the grounds and the diverse collection sculptures and paintings. And the roses… oh the roses!

It’s a small museum, usually not as crowded as the larger Parisian museums, and the collection feels intimate, it’s not overwhelming. You can spend a nice leisurely afternoon here exploring and being inspired.

The larger sculptures beautifully interspersed in the gardens is my favourite part of the museum.
There are great little tranquil restful spots on the grounds to have quiet moments or a picnic.

The Kiss | Elsa Brobbey Grounds | Elsa Brobbey

The Thinker | Elsa Brobbey Van Gogh | Elsa Brobbey

I also loved how very accessible the space is, and there’s also a little great café nestled in the gardens.

The museum has been undergoing major renovations for a few years now; it’s sill open but will be fully reopened in September.

Musée Rodin
79 Rue de Varenne
75007 Paris

Restaurant | Elsa Brobbey

Hôtel Biron | Elsa Brobbey Hôtel Biron | Elsa Brobbey

Musée Rodin | Elsa Brobbey

Other Favourite Paris Museums
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  • Reply coconutandberries

    Beautiful pictures. I love the Rodin museum too. I remember when I was in Paris there was a special night when many of the museums were open and a friend and I wandered the Rodin museum gardens in the moonlight and then went for cocktails 😉

    30 March, 2015 at 5:51 am
    • Reply Elsa | the whinery

      That sounds so very lovely. I can’t imagine how beautiful the gardens are under the moonlight… lucky, lucky you:)

      30 March, 2015 at 4:04 pm
  • Reply Neema

    This brings back so many memories. I definitely enjoyed seeing the thinker. And there is a cafe right before the museum that makes a delightful hot chocolate. This is such a wonderful series, I look forward to reading more.

    31 March, 2015 at 10:14 pm
    • Reply Elsa | the whinery

      Thank you so much Neema, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’ll have to look for this cafe next time!:-) French hot chocolate is out of this world!

      1 April, 2015 at 11:57 pm

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